The DJ Mbenga Summer League Contest: Win a shirt from Million Dollar Ballers


Guess D.J. Mbenga’s minutes, down to the second, in the Bucks next summer league game on Wednesday and you could win a t-shirt from Million Dollar Ballers.

A shirt commemerating the Bucks NBA Championship in 1971. (Courtesy of

Leave a comment in the comment section with exactly how many minutes and seconds you think D.J. Mbenga will play in Milwaukee’s next game against the Washington Wizards. Closest to the total, north or south of it, will win the above shirt.

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  2.  @Teddddd  So the Denver Nuggets are going to amnesty Birdman to sign Anthony Randolph.. now he is the only true power forward behind Faried and won’t have to play out of position at center.. now we will see what he is capable of.. if he doesn’t make any kind of impact being coached up by Karl then I will eat crow on him being anything worthwhile

  3. Summer league is so retarded. I see everybodys brother or son playing a lot of minutes which lets me know that summer league is just as political as the season. So I guessed no minutes. sanders fouled out and butch played terrible all while DJ played really well in the 5 minutes he was out there. there was no reason for him to only play 5 mins. So something fishy was going on.