There are plenty of reasons to be excited like Brandon Jennings about the Bucks this season.

Hey, guess what’s only roughly 1,848 hours away!  That’s right; it’s the Bucks’ season opener in Boston! While a lot of “the herd” out there is approaching this season as one full of cautioned…uhhh..well, they’re not so excited about it, simply put.

Well I for one am…less unexcited about this season.  No really. I am excited, and for more reasons than “well, hey we just might make the playoffs!”  I have ten for you.

1.  For good or bad, the Bucks will at least be entertaining.


The Bucks are going to be an interesting squad.  While some people have them as high as a 5-seed and some people believe they’re better suited as entertainment for Moron Mountain, there’s one thing the two sides can’t disagree upon: they’ll be entertaining, through good and bad.  There will be games where Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are on point and make the atmosphere electric in the BMOHBC.

There will also be games when Drew Gooden throws balls off the backboard or Larry Sanders charges at everyone or Tobias Harris challenges Kevin Durant to a “who’s more humble?” contest at halftime.  Point is, there shouldn’t be many dull moments this season, and that’s something you can’t appreciate enough.

2.  There are plenty of young players you can be excited about.

Whether its older young guys like Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, or actual pups like John Henson, Doron Lamb, and Tobias Harris, the Bucks have a lot to be looking forward to.  Granted three-fifths of this list has yet to prove anything substantial in the league, but having promising young players is a lot more exciting than having to convince yourself that Ruben Patterson will be a valued addition to the roster.

3.  Jennings and Ellis will have another year together.


While a lot of people (myself included) aren’t sold on a backcourt of Jennings and Ellis producing anything worthwhile, they’ll at least get another season to prove us otherwise.  Jellis averaged roughly 37 points and 11 assists a game with no practice time last season after the trade.  I’m not saying that a training camp and offseason will make them the backcourt that will lead Milwaukee to the promised land (which, in their case, would be in a competitive second round), but they should be able to mesh their talents together a little bit better  and should improve as battery mates, making the team better as a whole.

4.  Tobias Harris.

It’s been well documented that people are high on Tobias Harris this year, after showing signs of some serious talent in brief stints last year and showing vast improvements in this past July’s Summer League.   While it isn’t exactly clear as to what his role on the team is going to be just yet, Harris appears to be ready to take his game to that next level.

The best thing about Harris is that he’s itching to prove himself to the world and is probably capable of doing so at the age of 20.  When most people are trying to coax their friends into snagging some Four Lokos for them at that age, Harris is on the precipice of becoming a bona fide NBA player.  That’s just ridiculously encouraging.

5.  What else are you going to do once the Packers’ season is over?

No, seriously.

6.  We have the best mascot in the world.

There’s no questioning that Bango is the most talented, most entertaining, and most venison-laden mascot in all of sports.  He is as entertaining as they come and is sometimes worth the price of admission to a game (provided you scored some discount tickets or something).  In all seriousness, Bango is a big time attraction that should have the fans entertained 41 times this season.

7.  The Lefty Hook

If you were able to watch any of the Bucks Summer League games in Sin City you probably noticed that John Henson has this dynamite weapon in his arsenal.  Henson, who shoots right-handed, has developed this left hook that is unblockable.  Given that Henson is 6’11” with a 7’5” wingspan, you can see why this shot could be so useful and successful.  I personally can’t wait to see Henson flip shots over the opponents’ heads this year.

8.  The purple and green jerseys are coming back for a few games.

Look, everyone loved those jerseys.  It reminded us fans of a time when the Bucks were something serious in the Eastern Conference.  Now, the NBA has decided to bring back those jerseys for a few games during the season.  At worst, the fans can be reminded of those times with Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, and the Big Dog.  At best, the Bucks could be genuinely inspired and make a run to the Eastern Conference Finals.   Let’s just stick with the worst on this one.

9.  Well hey, they just might make the playoffs!

Rats, I almost made it through the list without having to bring this up.  Truth is, the Bucks, barring some sort of disaster, will be competing for a playoff spot.  Again, there are differing opinions as to where the Bucks could place in the playoff bracket, but having meaningful games come March and April never hurt anyone.

10. Because……it’s fun to be excited?

Fell one short on this list.  Couldn’t think of anything more to add.  I tried.

What are you excited about this upcoming season?  Leave your responses in the comments below.