Bucksketball Podcast: Episode 1

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The First Edition of the Bucksketball Podcast was a success, but not without its problems. Will I ever stop referring to Bucks rookie guard Doron Lamb as Jeremy Lamb? Will callers continue to pepper voicemails with “Player X s’s d’s” and will I ever stop talking so damn fast? In time, hopefully we get everything worked out.

But I hope you enjoy what we’ve got so far and I hope you continue to leave us voicemails and shoot us feedback either in the comments or through Twitter.

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  1. reactions to Podcast:
    1. What is a draft bust like Przybilla gonna teach Henso?
    2, Need to find creative ways to use the mid range skills this team possesses.. we already shoot too many threes
    3. Herb Kohl is definitely not going to pay a guy to not play basketball.. but he will pay a guy to play BAD basketball
    4. I used to sell hope.. buy some, get some half off
    5. Pacers are more than likely gonna win the division
    6. Well said last caller.. I think any time Charlie Sheen chimes in on a subject it’s Podcast magic
    What I don’t get is why we considered Michael Redd a cornerstone, but Monta gets no love.. He is essentially better in most statistical categories.. Did anyone else see the video where Warriors ownership got booed off stage after they traded him?
    Was anybody else less than impressed with Valanciunas’ olympic showing?