Report: Joel Przybilla agrees to one-year-deal with Milwaukee Bucks

Przybilla is still a capable shot-blocker. (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Milwaukee Bucks are now prepared for a potential Andrew Bogut injury.

Better late than never, I suppose.

The Journal-Sentinel is reporting that Joel Przybilla has agreed to a one-year contract with the Bucks. The 32-year-old center returns to the team that traded for him on draft night in 2000. Przybilla played in 27 games for the Portland Trail Blazers last season, averaging 16.6 minutes, 2 points and 5.1 rebounds.

Jokes about Milwaukee’s inability to land a backup center for the past two seasons aside, Przybilla is still a serviceable backup, capable of a strong 10-15 minutes two or three nights a week. While I’m sure many would love to see John Henson gobbling up any extra front court minutes available, he’s probably not physically ready for the punishment some centers in the NBA, even the bad ones, can dish out. Pyrzbilla puts another body between the biggest of the big guys and some of the Bucks younger forwards like Henson.

He’ll likely slide into the primary backup center role, which should allow Drew Gooden to operate much more exclusively at the power forward position this season, after Gooden spent nearly all of last season masquerading as a center with mixed results.

Przybilla’s addition to an already crowded Milwaukee front court could squeeze the minutes of some of Milwaukee’s younger bigs. Between the power forward and center positions, Milwaukee now has Przybilla, Gooden, Samuel Dalembert, Ekpe Udoh, Larry Sanders, Henson and Ersan Ilyasova. Dalembert and Ilyasova are safe choices for starters come opening day, with Gooden likely in line for the majority of the power forward minutes off the bench. Given his advanced age, Przybilla might be willing to take on a lesser role earlier in the season as he saves himself for the stretch run, which could allow Udoh and Henson some up front minutes at both the center position in addition to the power forward spot.

Of course, the Bucks’ forward/center depth fuels fans ideas that Milwaukee may trade one of their bigs for some additional guard or wing depth. Jodie Meeks recently said the Bucks were on of the teams interested in his services and the team has been tied to Randy Foye, C.J. Miles and Kirk Hinrich, but failed to land any guard or wing thus far.

Sanders seems the most likely candidate for departure, though it’s hard to envision the Bucks getting a serviceable guard for a team looking to contend for the playoffs for him alone. If he isn’t traded, Sanders does seem in line yet again for the fewest minutes among the members of the Bucks front court. The third-year veteran watched rookie John Henson turn heads in Summer League, but failed to do much impressing himself.

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  1. now is time for a 2-1 trade with gooden, udoh, or sanders in order to get another 2 guard.  Then we will be good to go and compete for a 5th seed

  2. MatthewSchwendinger

    Ok. Larry Sanders is now officially Mr. Irrelevant. 4th on the depth at C. Not saying he can’t block a hell of a shot, I’m just saying he doesn’t have a role other than warming up Sam’s chair and grabbing him a Gatorade.

  3. PattiRafalskiDavison

    By my count, Buck’s roster at 13.  Przybilla makes 14.  Delfino or other replacement would make 15.  We don’t have to get rid of anyone and still have room for that SG/SF three point scoring, dunking & defensive monster!

  4. If anyone gets moved, I hope it’s Gooden or Sanders, but Udoh has the most trade value. I like the Przybilla signing, as it finally gives us a real backup center, and the front court depth is going to be fantastic this season. 

  5. For veteran minimum this is a great signing. Bucks still have Full MLE to go after Pietrus who they were in talks with, Meeks is an option too but i’d much rather have Pietrus since I think Lamb could surpass Meeks

  6. What a piece of shit. A never-was. Not a has-been. He sucked as a rookie. He will take PT from young players and for what? So we can get the last playoff spot and lose 4-0 to miami? Does this goddam team have ANYTHING resembling a plan? This stiff is a bore. I hope he tears up his knee in pre-season.

    •  @flyingking uncool.. I wanted a couple different guys more than Przybilla, but as a Bucks fan I would never wish an injury on my team.. the post players are not going to be asked to do much except be big, block some shots, and grab some boards

    • MasterbatingestBear

       @flyingking Flying King, while abrasive and irrational, is right but for the wrong reasons.  There’s likely no way this team makes it out of the first round and at this rate the Bucks will be living in NBA Hell for another decade.

      •  @MasterbatingestBear 
        a hungry and competitive team is the goal, we’re not in hell. If you think so then go look up the cheats to all of your favorite video games and stop bein a downer.
        could you kindly go away. Everything you post is awful and insulting.

  7. With Sammy and Priz, the Bucks have a one year stopgap at center. They have also made a crowed power forward position even crowdeder. I think Gooden needs to go. He eats up minutes that Udoh and Henson need in order to develop and the money Ersan got says he needs to be the starter. I’m worried that Henson is going to spend the better part of the year on the bench. 

    • PattiRafalskiDavison

       @BuckNuggets Player development should be better for these guys if they have an opportunity to practice and play with some experienced centers and power forwards. (Something that Larry Sanders got very little of)  I have no problem with the strategy of teaching and bringing these young guys along.  They’ll get playing time as they can handle it.  You are concerned that Skiles won’t give the rookies playing time, yet I’ve seen Skiles bench plenty of veteran players in favor of younger players too.  If the worst thing that happens to this team in 2012-13 is that they ALL stay healthy and have to share minutes, then I’ll be a happy camper fan!

      •  @PattiRafalskiDavison
        You are right, but some players are polished enough to be thrown into the fire right away. I think Jennings for example is better off for having started from day 1, and similiarly I think Henson is ready for heavy minutes now.
        It is great to have a veteran around to learn from, except when that veteran is keeping you from getting any meaningful minutes.

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  9. MasterbatingestBear

    I also feel as though the Bucks have gone from being one of the smallest front court teams to one of the biggest in the league.  Would have been nice to have done this with Bogut still around.

  10. we didn’t get meeks and didnt really need him anyway. Lamb is very similar and probably just as good. Itd be good to have another veteran combo guard in case of injury.
    For the love of god Scott, let the kids (lamb, henson, harris) play!