THE SEARCH FOR THE “Golden Slogan”

We all remember the “Fear the Deer” campaign

It wasn’t just cool because it rhymed – although that was pretty neat for chanting purposes.  While it may have helped the players on the court, “Fear the Deer” extended well beyond the 94-foot confines of an NBA court.  It captured the fans and made them buy into an attitude, something you rarely see in professional sports.  “Fear the Deer” had this scrappy, underdog theme and instilled the thought, “you’re going to remember the night you battled against the Bucks” into the brains of opposing players and it made for some truly special final months of that season.

Probably more importantly, it made the Bradley Center electric again.

The Fortress on Fourth hadn’t been anywhere close to hosting that level of electricity since the “Big Three” and the 2001 Bucks came one win away from the NBA Finals. “Fear the Deer” brought those goosebump moments usually associated with Miller Park or Lambeau Field to the Bradley Center.  It was a fascinating sight to see.

But now, the BC (or BMOHBC, if you want to be that way) is just … meh. The crowds show up for games involving the Heat or Lakers, but other than that … meh.  Even at those games, there are more Heat, Celtics or Laker jerseys in the bleachers than Bucks ones.  I understand that people don’t want to pay their hard-earned money to see a bottom-tier playoff team, but why do we have to assume that that is where this team is headed year in and year out?

Granted, I’m not saying that the Bucks are going to threaten the Heat for a finals berth, but they can be better, more entertaining product than the ho-hum, thanks for showing up 8th seed.  Back in the Fear the Deer season, the Bucks almost defeated the Atlanta Hawks with a starting five of Brandon JenningsJohn SalmonsCarlos DelfinoLuc Mbah a MouteKurt Thomas and a bench of IlyasovaRidnourGadzuricStackhouse.  Can you honestly sit here and say that this current roster isn’t capable of more than the FTD squad?

“But the east is better now.” Yeah, I’m aware of that.  The point is, the Bucks could be capable of something special, and we might as well try to be a part of it again as fans.  Why not stray from the commonplace mediocre expectations and instead by into something that could be real special?

The first step in achieving such success is rallying the fans and giving them a reason to head down to the BMOHBC. (Which also needs a shorter nickname)  Milwaukee has proven to be a city that embraces a winner no matter who they are when they are winning; otherwise Milwaukeeans tend not to waste their time. The experience of heading down to the Bradley Center and seeing Squad Six toss up confetti and tick people off by playing vuvuzelas gave the Bucks a small-time college feel; which is good.

Then Bucks star Andrew Bogut purchased a section at the Bradley Center full of crazies who would be there under any circumstances to provide that energy that was often lacking in the arena since the big three era. They would often come up with chants that would infectiously spread throughout the crowd. Little did anyone know, quirky little things like Squad 6 energized the Bucks, perhaps more so than Energee. The little things like this brought more people to Bucks games than anyone would like to admit.

Now Andrew Bogut is gone and the status of Squad “6” remains to be determined. The Bucks need to re-up on energy at home games. The team has budding talent that this city needs to get behind in players like Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb and John Henson. To the Bucks player that reads this site religiously, because we know you do, please purchase a fan section at the BC.

In short, the Bucks need another slogan.  Sound off in the comments section. (The Co-Authors) Eric and Tony have been putting their brains together and came up with absolutely nothing. Sound off. What should be the next great slogan, the golden slogan that will energize the Bucks fan base? Bucksketball.

Let us know what you have.

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  1. Okay, we did come up with Rack ‘Em, but that’s not exactly making us jump out of our seats. 

    •  @pdschmitt1 Didn’t they have that a few  years ago? I’m thinking that since this is Our Team and this is Our Town, maybe we could do something along those lines.

  2. PattiRafalskiDavison

    Agree that it’s going to be a huge loss if Squad 6 is no longer leading the cheers & jeers!  I think it’s important for the team and Bucks organization that someone continue what Bogut started.  They come up with some beauties from time to time. People flock to have their picture with them during breaks. I pay top $$ to sit close to them and those seats are always occupied.  Even TV coverage shows Squad 6 at every game and that plays well across the NBA.  Puts the fear in our rivals. Letting that go is a step in the wrong direction.

    •  @PattiRafalskiDavison You could easily call it “the herd” or some cheap pun like that.  But it would be nice if a player like LRMAM bought it out.  The ‘Fresh Prince’ could easily come up with a better name for them than I could.

  3. Personally, and I’ve mentioned this to a few people, I think a great thing to do would be have throwback games at the Mecca.  yes it is smaller capacity, but it is also unbelievably louder and would be a great way to bring older fans back to the team.  Mondays at the Mecca would be awesome and you better believe I would go to every one of those games.  The problem lies within the rights that the BC has to Bucks games.  I’m sure there contract wouldn’t allow it, but if it does Lets. Make. This. Happen
    Idea copyright keefeklug 2012

  4. 1.You can’t lose ’em all.
    2. A team on the move….probably to seattle.
    3. Green and Boring.
    4. Bring along a good book.

  5. MasterbatingestBear

    Who’s the Bucks player that reads this column? I hope it’s Larry Sanders.

  6. There’s always Chronic Winning Disease.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  Don’t even try and convince me otherwise.

  7. “Make in rein(deer)” or “Bambi-ware of Dalembert” or “Bambi-fore we lose interest”

  8. “Make it rein(deer)” or “Bambi-ware of Dalembert” or “Bambi-fore we lose interest”

  9. 1. Kiss our white tails!
    2. We’re gonna make you our doe
    3. Fawn over the Bucks
    4. The Milwaukee Bucks – at least the team nickname is an actual, tangible thing and not a collective abstract like the Heat or Magic. Really? The Magic? Who came up with that nickname, Harry Potter? The Heat – because Miami’s hot, right? By that logic we should rename the Bucks “Cold, but slightly warmer by the lakefront.” (I’ll grant you that this is longer than a traditional slogan, but I think it really has some potential).

    • PattiRafalskiDavison

       @BuckNuggets Red for Hot…Gold for Cold…Blue no change…Flashing Snow or Rain