“What happened to tim thomas milwaukee bucks” and other funny things people typed in to Google to get here

I can’t remember what site I saw do this sort of thing first, but I remember chuckling when I saw them do it.

So, here is a list of funny things people searched for over the past week that resulted in them landing here at Bucksketball.

Thomas has been out of the NBA since 2010.

  • when people get too much attention is bad
  • can larry sanders be good
  • brandon jennings a star?
  • carlos delfino gritty
  • former milwaukee bucks todd day
  • glenn robinson ray allen soft
  • how to speak most probably
  • is aj ogilvy a good player
  • rookie destroys brandon jennings
  • shaun livingston is he still playing
  • tobias harris net worth
  • will bucks play tobias harris next season
  • top slogan on conversion of energy

I think too much attention can be bad, but it can be okay too – look at Jay-Z

Tobias Harris may want to be careful about who he is befriending and yes, he’ll play next season. Larry Sanders could be good, if he could figure it out. The Big Dog and Ray Allen were not soft, but the team in general was before Scott Williams arrived. Brandon Jennings swears he was not destroyed and he could still be a star maybe.

For more on Todd Day, check back to what we wrote last year. AJ Ogilvy is playing in Europe after going undrafted in 2010, so make what you will of that. Shaun Livingston is still playing. Carlos Delfino is a little bit gritty.

And the top slogan on conversion of energy is: Lights Out!

As for the headline, last we heard about Thomas, he was caring for an ill wife. Honorable and I hope everything went well on that end for him and his family.

Jeremy Schmidt also uses Google. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. PattiRafalskiDavison

    My favorite search….Tobias Harris net worth….followed by ‘is he available?’
    My favorite response from Jeremy….Lights Out!
    Oh and Larry Sanders better be good this year or the ref’s will be sending him to the locker room often.

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