2012 Player Capsules: Doron Lamb

From the Bucks Instagram account

Whenever Doron Lamb hits a big three – and he will – I can’t decide between shouting, “Lamb, Bam, Thank you Ma’am” or “Wham, Bam, Thank you Lamb.” The differences are small, but the decision is huge.

Lamb is a polished scorer. His shooting stroke is flawless. He doesn’t take long to set his feet and is confident taking his shot from anywhere.  That makes him a prize on any team.

What makes him a particularly good fit for the Bucks offense is that he’s comfortable as a creator when it’s needed. The Milwaukee Bucks offense demands that both guards be facilitators and scorers. Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings are both reputable high-volume scorers, but they both posted high assist rates of of 28.66 and 26.51 respectively. In layman’s terms, that’s over 25 assists per 100 possessions that they’re involved in.

Jennings and Ellis set the tempo for an assist-happy offense. When Lamb gets on the court, he has to follow the precedent set by the two veteran guards if he wants to succeed. He’s not going to hit threes at over 40 percent like he did in college. He doesn’t have enough explosiveness, strength, or size for his smarts and instincts to get him an open shot. It’s going to be his court vision and off the ball instincts that are going to get him open.

Lamb can do it. His instincts are solid. If you tried to polish him anymore, you’d start stripping away the core. He’s fine at handling the ball. He only turned over the ball on 10% of his possessions last year. And his decision-making grew as he had to handle the Kentucky offense when Marquis Teague was on the bench.

If he can do all that stuff, Lamb’s career as a solid backup/journeyman is all, but set in stone. He won’t be a starter in the NBA. Remember I said this when he burns the Bucks for 29 in five years.

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  1. Can’t wait to Lambaste some opponents.. Or Lamboozle them.. Or can’t wait for The Silence of the Lamb’s opponents

  2. If dude starts droppin 3’s like I hope he will Im hittin up OG’s and ask for a Doron and im sure they’ll know exactly what im talkin bout
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