Marquis Daniels headlines quartet Bucks bring in for a workout

Daniels has proven himself a willing reserve capable of keeping spirits high on a good team over the past few years. (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

According to Charles F. Gardner, the Milwaukee Bucks have brought in Marquis Daniels, Rodney Carney and Rasual Butler for a workout at the Cousins Center on Tuesday and Wednesday. As reported via Alando Tucker the other day, Alando Tucker worked out as well.

The Bucks have 14 players on their active roster right now, so there’s room for one more. For most of the off-season, the Bucks pursued a variety of moderately sized combo guards who were either capable scorers or defenders. It now appears the Bucks are at least willing to take a look at some wings to provide them with some depth where they’ve lost Carlos Delfino.

Milwaukee’s depth chart at the two and three looks something like this:

2: Monta Ellis/Beno Udrih/Doron Lamb
3: Luc Mbah a Moute/Mike Dunleavy/Tobias Harris

Both Udrih and Lamb are capable of providing some minutes as a backup point guard, the role Udrih primarily played last season. Likewise, Mbah a Moute is capable of filling in literally wherever he’s needed, as he’s  an above average defender of literally every position on the court. So things aren’t quite as crowded as they appear.

According to, Dunleavy played 47% of the Bucks minutes at the small forward position last season, with Delfino grabbing 33%, Harris at 14% and Mbah Moute grabbing 10%. Yes, that adds up to more than 100%, but sometimes you just have to trust that the data is reasonably accurate.  More importantly, roughly a third of Milwaukee’s small forward minutes from last season will be up for grabs come training camp. Logic dictates that, if Mbah a Moute moves into the starting smll forward role, he’ll probably see a significant increase in minutes at the position. He appears primed to take Delfino’s 33% at the three given Milwaukee’s overloaded power forward situation.

Harris wowed in Summer League and has been in Milwaukee training for quite a while. He seems ready to make an impact offensively, but whether or not he’ll defend well enough to grab the majority of the remaining 20% of minutes will likely decide how big of a role any potential wing acquisition would have.

Daniels averaged 3.2 points per game in 12.7 minutes over 38 games in his third season with Boston last year. He’s generally well regarded as a defender, but leaves a lot to be desired as an outside shooter and is frequently injured. Daniels has never played 82 games in a season and has only once played more than 70, even in limited roles. Paul Pierce spoke highly of Daniels’ professionalism, a trait the Bucks are always lauding in players, during the playoffs last year.

Carney ditched the league during the lockout and spent last season in China after five years in the NBA. He’s generally proven to be athletic and capable of hitting open threes.

Butler will be entering his 11th NBA season. In 34 games for the Raptors last season, he made just 31% of his shots and 27% of his threes. At this point, he’s a catch and shoot outside shooter and he hasn’t even been all that good at doing that over the past three seasons. John Hollinger offers up a less than glowing review based on his performance before last season (which was worse than the one before mind you):

Defensively, Butler can still function because he’s long and knows what he’s doing, but between the anemic offense and the lack of rebounding it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify keeping him on a roster.

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  1. Not sure if I understand these moves.. Carney and Tucker are NBA washouts that are atrocious #-point shooters.. And we trade away Livingston to bring in Daniels, who is the poor man’s Livingston.. Rasual Butler can be a lights out shooter on any given night, but never know what night that would be and is an incredibly selfish player.. I DUNNO

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