Buck Hits: Hollinger forecasts the Bucks, League Pass darlings and sponsorship renewals

The Milwaukee Bucks are halfway through the preseason and only 14 days away from their season opener in Boston. That is very exciting. With this excitement comes a lot more coverage of the team, so here’s a roundup of the coverage in case you missed anything.


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  • Yesterday, John Hollinger released his 2012-13 forecast for the Bucks. He predicts that the team will finish 38-44 and place, once again, in the coveted 9th spot.  Hollinger praises the Bucks’ depth and salary situation, but believes that the roster is a weird mix of average players that will have a hard time on defense.

“It wouldn’t shock me to see Milwaukee return to the postseason, especially if the Bucks can make another roster tweak or two. But the more likely scenario is that they challenge for the playoffs again — and once again fall short. The Bucks either need a defensive renaissance or a breakout season from one of the guards to exceed that projection; either is possible, but neither is particularly likely.”

  • More Hollinger from a couple weeks ago. He did individual player write-ups for the entire roster, and boy, he loves him some Larry Sanders. Hollinger believes that if Sanders can control his fouling, he can be an All-Defensive team candidate. Quit fouling people Larry!

“He was first among centers in both blocks and steals, an amazing accomplishment — except that he was also first in fouls. Man, was he ever first. Given his thin frame and aggressive mindset, the fouling was especially prodigious: one every 4.83 minutes, by far the worst rate in the NBA among qualifying players. If left in the whole game, on average he would have fouled out early in the third quarter.”

  • NBA.com’s NBA Rooks feature spent some time with John Henson. Most of the video is Henson getting lost in a hotel, but the rookie does provide some nice quotes about his work ethic and commitment to the league. Hopefully he can back up his words this season.
  • Frank Madden and Steve von Horn of BrewHoop released a podcast yesterday about their preseason impressions, so far. Fun stuff.
  • A few days ago, Zach Lowe of Grantland wrote about the NBA’s best League Pass teams. The Bucks made the list! Based on pure entertainment value, he sees only one downside with the team:

“Ilyasova grasping that power forward spot for 35 minutes a night blocks an army of big men who provide comedic value (Drew Gooden’s pump fakes and facial hair), defense, passing, and long-armed, youthful potential. John Henson showed a solid grasp of NBA pick-and-roll defense at Summer League (I know, I know), Samuel Dalembert protects the rim, Ekpe Udoh needs to play, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute can guard almost every position, and lots of data floating around suggests Larry Sanders could be a hugely impactful defender if he earns minutes.”

  • MillerCoors has renewed its sponsorship of the Bucks for ten more years, with Miller Lite and Coors Light continuing to be the highlighted products. Cold activation bottles and what not.
  • The entrances of the Bradley Center will now have sponsors! Hooray!  Kohl’s will sponsor the northwest corner gate, Miller Lite will sponsor the southwest gate, Northwestern Mutual will sponsor the southeast gate, and Potawatomi Bingo Casino will sponsor the northeast gate. No word yet on who will be sponsoring the bathrooms.
  • Finally, Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times claims that Herb Kohl has a, “standing offer on the table from an out-of-state entrepreneur” for the franchise. There really isn’t anything new to report here as Woelfel has said this before, but it’s still fun. Who do you think the entrepreneur is? P. Diddy? The Snuggie-guy?? Mark Zuckerberg??? It’s probably Mark Zuckerberg. The FaceBucks! (I’m sorry.)

(By the way, I’ll be doing this all season, so let me know if there’s anything more that you’d like to see from this feature. Suggestions! Thanks!)

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  1. You have to believe that “out-of-state entrepreneur” is Chris Hansen trying to get a franchise to come to Seattle.