Bucksketball Podcast – Episode 2

Ellis to the basket. Can he get any better this year? (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

Episode the second is here! We’re a bit late on this bad boy – we recorded Wednesday and the Bucks are about to finish their second game since then. But that’s okay, as the podcast is general and entertaining enough to still be relevant right now.
We had a fun feature on the end of this episode, where Jeramey and I went head to head in a game they created literally minutes earlier: The Basketball-Reference Game. It’s good fun, even if I was thoroughly out-classed. I’LL HAVE MY REVENGE!

So enjoy and remember to give us a call. Next time it could be your lovely voice on the ‘cast.


Also, if you’re into this kind of thing, The Bucksketball Podcast can now be found on Stitcher. What’s Stitcher, you ask? It’s an app, of course. Click on the image below to access the podcast in Stitcher.

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