Ekpe Injured. Detroit Pistons vs Milwaukee Bucks Preseason Preview

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Ekpe Udoh is injured. My heart breaks.

He sprained his left knee and will be out 10 days to two weeks.

From Charles Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Udoh was injured while racing back to block a shot by Cleveland’s Jon Leuer in the Bucks’ 97-80 preseason victory Tuesday night in Canton, Ohio.

“I had to make it (the play) for the team,” Udoh said.

I didn’t think there’d be any way that I’d love Udoh anymore, but risking life and limb in a preseason game is downright heroic. Ok, it’s mostly dumb. But imagine what he’ll do when the games matter!

Unless the injury is more serious than a sprain, it shouldn’t be a major setback for Udoh or the Milwaukee Bucks roster. Everyone already knows what Udoh is going to bring on defense (savant-like) and offense (let’s not talk about it). No amount of reps is going to improve or expose any area of his game.

Udoh’s injury gives John Henson the most valuable resource a rookie can receive: reps. Henson had six points and seven rebounds in twelve minutes against Cleveland. I wasn’t able to watch or listen  to the game, but the grapevine tells me that Henson’s play could be best described as “schizophrenic” or “rough.” It’s best that Henson get his reps in during preseason and get as polished as possible. If Larry Sanders carries his impressive play against Cleveland throughout the rest of the preseason, then Henson is a prime candidate to get buried on the bench.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

Andre Drummond had twelve points, seven rebounds, two steals and two blocks in twenty-three minutes in his first preseason game. He followed that up with a whole bunch of nothing in his second game. He’s a typical rookie.

Drummond’s size and athleticism make life easier for his teammates and in turn his teammates make his life easier. On offense, Drummond provides a release valve as an above-the-rim big that his teammates can just loft easy lobs to. Look for a lot of easy buckets for Drummond, the Detroit Pistons won’t be putting him in any tough situations yet.

Will Bynum has said that he hasn’t seen help-side defense on the Pistons since he last played with Rasheed Wallace. That’s high praise and clearly the Pistons guard feels he can gamble more on defense when Drummond is on the court. When paired up with Greg Monroe (below-the-rim big who doesn’t block shots) the Pistons frontcourt is a monster-in-waiting.

Tweet of the Game

Who has the best player? Pistons (Monroe)

Who has the better supporting cast? Bucks

Good enough? Of course

Prediction: Bucks win. Henson throws in fifteen all off of hook shots.

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  1. Pistons vs Bucks and Lions vs Packers games are always events in my house. No secret which teams I support…

    Watched Pistons two games and if Bynum and Drummond connect like they did in their first game, it’s going to be interesting to see how Skiles’ Bucks stop their momentum. Pistons shot 70% first quarter. Bucks cannot let that happen tonight.

    Stuckey is a bulldog and I’ll be watching to see if our frontcourt defense steps in to cover. Disappointed that Udoh won’t be playing tonight as I wanted to see him match up against Drummond. Would be fun to see Sanders school him!
    Go Bucks!

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