“ersan ilyasova why is he so good?” and other funny things people typed in to Google to get here

Ersan Ilyasova is a fantastic rebounder, one of the best in the league at drawing charges and was able to consistently make 3-point shots last season. That’s why he is so good.

Other searches since this last time we played this game.

– is calling someone a pessimist offensive (NO! WHAT ARE YOU GETTING AT!?)
– are you gonna be okay? (I know I can go off the deep end a bit, but yeah, I’ll be fine. Thanks for the concern.)
john henson unblockable hook (Hopefully.)
– slogan of the bucks (Your Ticket to Amazing.)
– is glenn robinson broke (For the Dog’s sake, I hope not. I certainly haven’t seen anything confirming either way. Probably not though.)
– where’s darington hobson splaying now (Unclear. He had a tryout with New Jersey, but Hobson news has been silent since.)
tobias harris had a great summer league (That is accurate.)
– the milwaukee bucks need to trade brandon jennings and monta ellis for a superstar (I’m not sure it’s just that easy.)
larry sanders future with the bucks (We’ll know a lot more about it after this season.)
carlos delfino ladykiller (They do seem to be a fan of the Argentinian, don’t they?)
george karl says ray allen is a better overall player (Than who!? THAN WHO!? I suspect this was about Allen Iverson and related back to 2001.)

And a few I’ll go a little deeper on.

  • Will larry sanders start for bucks?

Probably not, friend. Samuel Dalembert seems entrenched as the starting center and Ilyasova will likely assume regular starting power forward duties when the games start to matter. But injuries could always open the door for the lanky third year power forward as they have this preseason already.

  • Why was brian winters number retired by the Bucks?

Your guess is as good as mine, friend. He seems a fairly small bit of the Bucks fairly triumphant history, but he must have made quite an impact in his eight years in Milwaukee. Here’s the scoop from the 2012-13 Milwaukee Bucks Media Guide:

A two-time Bucks All-Star, in eight seasons he helped the team achieve six postseason berths. Upon retiring in 1983, Winters was the leading playmaker in Bucks history (now 3rd, 2,479 assists). He is among the Bucks all-time leaders in scoring, games played and steals.

  • alando tucker to the bucks?

Yes, Tucker is on the Bucks, friend. But he’s seen only a couple of minutes in one preseason game. He has two points. He has a local connection. And he has the tough task of trying to win a spot on a roster that was, for all intensive purposes, set before he arrived. The Milwaukee Bucks have 15 guaranteed contracts. The limit on roster spots come regular season is 15. The Bucks would need to pay a player to go away in order to keep Tucker, who, again, has only played a couple of minutes this preseason. Sorry gang, but Tucker won’t be a Buck this year, barring some incredibly unforeseen development.

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