Getting in where they fit in: The Milwaukee Bucks place in the Central Division

In the years since the Bucks had last been a legitimate championship contender way back in 2001, the Central Division has been dominated by three franchises: The mid-early 2000s Pistons, LeBron and the Bronettes and now the resurgent Chicago Bulls. While it is great to see other teams improve over the past decade, it’s also very depressing to see rise to division foes while the Bucks seemingly stay in the same place year after year. Could this be the season the Bucks take over in the Central?

Milwaukee Bucks: Your ticket … to the postseason?

After bringing in solid veteran players like Sam Dalembert and promising rookies like John Henson, this year could be different … right? Just where do the Bucks stand in the Central Division as of now. Let’s take a look at the Bucks’ chances against the division.


The Bucks aren’t expected to have much trouble with the Cavs this year.

Cleveland is a team with some talented players. Key word there is “some.” They are just … not so loaded on experience and will need time to grow before they are anything resembling a contender, or even a division champ.

Kyrie Irving is a rare talent and could be a star in this league. The problem here is that he lacks much of a supporting cast. Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson could only get you so far. In terms of depth, this team is shallower than a back yard blow up pool. I like the Cavs, they definitely are moving forward but they have to get some more guys if they want to get better. The Bucks are definitely better than Cleveland. Better scorers, better defenders and more depth. Sorry Drew Carey.


Samuel Dalembert will be vital in the Bucks having a presence down low.

The once mighty Detroit Pistons of this basketball generation are gone. Richard Hamilton is gone. Chauncey Billups, Ben & Rasheed Wallace, gone. Impulsive and/or expensive experiments with veterans like Ben Gordon, Allen Iverson and Charlie Villanueva have or are looking to be on the verge of potential failure.  Last season, they began the season with a 4-20 record en-route to a fourth place finish. The Pistons are likely to finish at or near the bottom of this division this year.

The Bucks are and will be a better basketball team than the Pistons without a doubt THIS year. The thing is, but for how long? The Pistons have really good young players like Andre Drummond, Austin Daye and Greg Monroe. Johnny Flynn should also help Pistons offense that averaged a pedestrian 90 points per game last year. The Pistons are a young, overlooked team that could rise in due time. At the moment, the Bucks manhandled the Pistons 108-91 on Oct. 13 showing what the current state of this rivalry is.

If the Pistons continue to develop their young players correctly and that offense improves, the Motown players will be alright. As far as where the Bucks stand in the division today, I think it is safe to say that it is somewhere ahead of Detroit.


Roy Hibbert was a big part in the Pacers being fourth in rebounding last season.

When I actually got a chance to sit down and ask myself if the Bucks could be the best team in the division, I’ll admit, I said yes. Then I broke down and wrote this. Now, not so much.

Indiana has steadily improved over the years, mainly because they are a team with players who know and play their roles well. Danny Granger is the unquestioned leader of the bunch. There are the stars that can go off on any given night in David West and Roy Hibbert. The depth is incredible here! Paul George, D.J. Augustin, Tyler “Psycho T” Hansbrough and George Hill are all very serviceable and have proven themselves at their respective positions.

Last season, the Bucks were a smaller team and they have gotten some size and depth this year. The question is are they in the same ballpark as the Pacers who were 10th in points allowed and the fourth best rebounding team in the league a year ago. Probably not, but it’s not unfathomable. The key to the Bucks being near, at or above the level of the Pacers will depend on how they match up with depth and size down low. The Bucks could possibly jump Indy in the division but I wouldn’t bet a steak dinner on it. (See: Buenning, Eric)


Nate Robinson will have to fill in for the inured Derrick Rose at point guard.

Allow me to elaborate. No Rose, no problem for the Chicago Bulls. Many Bucks optimists see the absence of the Bulls’ star Derrick Rose as the shining opportunity for their team to usurp the Central, but it’s really not.

Without Rose, many expect the offense to dip from last year. Even if it does, it wasn’t the best anyways. Last season, Chicago averaged a modest 96 points a night, 18th in the NBA. The real key to Chicago’s success was its stingy defense, top in the league.

Like the Bucks, the Bulls are loaded. Just in a different way. At the guard position, Nate Robinson will do just fine making up for the absence of Rose. He has already lit up on the Bucks in the preseason. On the defensive end, expect high energy players like Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich to hold up their end of the bargain. Carlos Boozer, Richard Hamilton, Taj Gibson and Luol Deng will be enough to anchor the Bulls until the return of the leader. My concern about the Bucks versus the Bulls is the size of the guards. One of the opportunities that I see opponents seizing against the Bucks is the small guard problems. Hinrich, Hamilton, Marco Belinelli and Jimmy Butler are all bigger guards and will make things hectic for the smaller Bucks guards.

The Bulls will not be as good this season without Rose, but they still are the class of this division. If the Bucks want to be the team to beat this season, they will have to prove they will be better than Chicago. I haven’t seen that yet.


Brandon wants to know!

It’s still the preseason, so one must be able to control and temper their optimism for the Bucks this year. Same goes for pessimism. Will the Bucks win the division? It isn’t likely, but it isn’t a far cry either. The Bucks are built the same way as the front-runners Chicago and Indiana. They have multiple big men, they have depth, they have scoring and they have a chance.

The other question raised is where exactly the Bucks stand in the division. I have the Bulls winning it becuase of their depth and tenacious defense. I also have the Pacers and Bucks in a tight race for second with a slight edge going to Indiana, the Pistons in fourth due to their young talent and the Cavs in fifth due to their lack of depth and loss of veteran leadership in players like Antawn Jamison.

What do you think? Where do the Bucks stand in this division?


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  1. I think Indy has the division locked up and they are a bad matchup for Milwaukee. Having Dalembert will help with Hibbert but David West is too imposing for Ersan and as good of a rebounder as Ers is West is better. Granger is still probably their best player but I dont think that will last much longer as Paul George appears to be the real deal.

    Exploiting Hill and Augustin is probably the Bucks best chance since neither are quick enough to stay in front of Jennings or Ellis. If Paul George is playing the 2 for extended minutes it could potentially destroy the Bucks with his size and athleticism or be a gift for someone like Monta who has very quick hands to capitalize on George’s lack of ballhandling skills.

    I think the Bucks could contend with the Rose-less Bulls but I dont see them being able to hang with Indiana in my opinion

  2. With everyone on Bulls & Pacers healthy, it’s going to be a challenge for the Bucks to top them. However, the Bucks haven’t been without their own significant injury problems in recent years.

    It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the Bucks could come out on top of the division. All they need is a little help from their opponents!

  3. The Pistons finished in fourth last year, not third, for what it’s worth.

    I think Indiana is still quite a bit better than the Bucks, although I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Bucks win the head-to-head battle between them.

  4. the pacers are clearly the front-runners of our division, with the injury of rose, and key role players lost in Chicago, Milwaukee has a chance to be the 2nd best possibly vying for that 7th/8th seed!