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Highlights from the Milwaukee Bucks open practice

| October 6, 2012

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Ryan Ellerbusch of Midwest Ballers was able to attend the Milwaukee Bucks open practice earlier this week and grab a few highlights. There’s some time spent on nearly every player within and Tobias Harris specifically looks good. He has multiplie authoritative dunks.

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  1. AvidBucksFan says:

    1. Eddie Gill is still in the league? Wow.
    2. What are the odds Alando Tucker makes the team? How’d he look at the open practice?
    3. Ersan Ilyasova seems to have kept his shooting touch from last year, hopefully that huge contract was worth it.
    and 4. Was the big Sammy D draining some mid range jumpers?

    • Jeremy Schmidt says:

      1. Yes, it’s insane. I had no idea he’d be in camp.
      2. Bucks have 15 guaranteed contracts. Tucker does not have a guarantee. VERY little chance he’ll make it. I wasn’t at practice and can’t speak on him.
      3. Hopefully.
      4. He’ll do that once in a while if left open.

      • AvidBucksFan says:

        I much rather see Alando Tucker (if he looks good) on the team over Larry Sanders or Marquis Daniels.

        • Jason says:

          Larry has more upside than Tucker and I doubt that the organization would just give up on Larry now. I would rather see Daniels make the team, because we need a decent, cheap, veteran guard.

  2. Steve says:

    Would Tobias Harris and Larry Sanders play at the four position?

    Larry Sanders has so much length.

  3. Jason says:

    Larry Sanders is more of a natural 4 so I would think that with Dalembert and Przbilla manning the 5, Sanders, Gooden, Illyasova, Henson, and Udoh will split time at the 4. Sanders, Gooden, and Udoh will get some time at the 5, but not as much as last year.

    I don’t see Harris playing the 4 at all, because he’s a natural small forward, and would be a defensive and rebounding liability. With Luc out during training camp, Harris has a good opportunity to be the starting small forward this year.