It sounds like Brandon Jennings won’t be extended before October 31

We’ve discussed the difficult matter of extending Brandon Jennings’ contract before.

Jennings will be a restricted free agent at the end of this season. (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

The deadline is October 31 by 5 PM. That’s tomorrow for those without a calender. So we won’t have to talk about it much longer. At least we won’t have to bring it up again for a few months, but we’ll definitely need to discuss the matter further, as it doesn’t sound like Jennings is going to get an extension.

The Bucks and Jennings are not going to reach an extension deal. One source close to the process said Jennings’ camp was looking for a deal in the $9 to $10 million range and the Bucks just don’t seem willing to engage that at this point. For Jennings to have a shot at a deal in that range, he’ll have to earn it on the court this year or get another team to offer it as a restricted free agent next summer.

On the local front, Gery Woelfel is equally pessimistic.

If this $9-10 million thing is serious – and who knows where that information came from – it’s a surprise that the Bucks wouldn’t be more engaged in talks. But this is as crucial a season as I can remember for the Bucks. The general manager and coach are both in the last year of their respective deals. The star player is entering restricted free agency. The second best player (well, in my mind third, but he’s often mentioned before Ersan Ilyasova), Monta Ellis, can opt out after the season. The team has missed the playoffs and finished in the dreaded ninth position in each of the last two seasons.

This is the season that will decide the Bucks future.

Perhaps Senator Herb Kohl doesn’t want to commit to a player that hasn’t shown he alone can get the team to the playoffs, regardless of what the cost is. In terms of simple market rate, $9-10 million sounds about right for Jennings. But could the Bucks look to blow it all up and start over if this season doesn’t go according to plan? Not resigning Jennings could be an indication of that sort of thinking. Keeping Jennings and Ilyasova and some of the younger players is just the sort of thing that could keep the Bucks mediocre past this season.

At any rate, it looks like Jennings will be able to test the market and bring back a deal to the Bucks after the season. Milwaukee still holds leverage of course, as they can match any deal he gets. But if Jennings has a big, breakout season, the Bucks could be kicking themselves for not locking him up now.

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  1. Does anyone else think that this move is negligent? I believe that Brando’s play up to this point has been good enough to warrant the kind of money he is asking for.. So now we are putting ourselves is a position to have to bid for his services and possibly overpay.. I think that this is going to be a distraction to him all season and we all have seen what a distracted BJ3 plays like.

    • You’re assuming one thing: that Brandon WANTS an extension. I’d be very inclined to believe he and his agent are putting a pricetag slightly out of the Bucks range, aiming for a big season with Monta for a full year and trying to land in NY, LA, MIA.

      So here’s what happens: if jennings is playing well, I think he’ll get dealt before the trade deadline. No point in letting him to to RFA if he’s going to get a 5-yr $55m type deal, which they won’t match anyway.

      I think he gets dealt for a young player and a future 1st.

  2. What’s with all of the love for Jennings? I understand the optimism but we have all been waiting for his level of play to consistently rise, and it has not. His play certainly does not warrant $9-10 million/year are you kidding? Turnover prone, lacks defensive ability, sub-standard shooter on a consistent basis, doesn’t get to the line. Cmon people need to see the reality here, we don’t need to overpay another poor NBA player, we have too much history of that. It’s time to put up or shut up and I don’t think he is the answer. Quite frankly, he may need a new team and coach to break out if that is at all possible. I don’t have an answer as far as who to replace him but there are plenty of marginal players out there at a much cheaper rate. Let’s face it he is a marginal NBA player up to this point and is basically laughed at by many of the “star” NBA players.

    • You might be correct on some things.

      I’m curious what indicates he’s turnover prone though? Not turning the ball over is the one thing he’s consistently done throughout his career. It’s almost universally accepted that he’s very good at not turning the ball over and statistics back that up. Is there something specific you had in mind when you cited turnover prone as a problem with him?

  3. No way Jennings deserves that kind of money per year, I know that NBA contracts these days are mostly over bloated, but the Bucks won’t be getting the production that warrants that kind of money in return. If Jennings was going to be a star player, the Bucks would of seen it by now, but he clearly is no star or elite player at his position up to this point and probably never will be.

  4. Sounds to me like the Jennings camp is using today’s over bloated contracts and top 10 selection to his advantage here even though his play up to this point has been too roller coaster like and that inconsistent play is what I am most worried about from Jennings. And don’t forget that Jennings doesn’t even play respectable defense too. Not to bash on Jennings or anything, but these are just some of the stuff I have seen from Jennings up to this point of his career.

  5. At least it won’t be like Lebron or Howard in that we won’t have to hear about it over and over again all year. It will probably come up from time to time, to see what his opinion is, and he will probably waffle some on his statements, but overall it should be fine.

  6. I really like Jennings, but I think there are probably 10-15 other point guards in the league that are as good or better than he is. It makes more sense to try trade him as an asset for a player or draft pick that can be the real core that this team is lacking. Based on free-agency the past couple of years it seems like the Bucks could pretty easily find a good point-guard to replace jennings.
    I see the difference between resigning Ilya and not Jennings in the fact that Ilya may not be as good as Jennings respectively, but he is less replaceable through free-agency and he really adds to team chemistry by hustling and being in the right spot at the right time. Jennings becomes more valuable as a scorer than a distributor or defender, and any team that relies on him as a primary scoring option will have low expectations. Also as I said before he seems completely replacable via free-agency.

  7. First of all I would like to preface this rant by saying that people have seen me on these boards knows that I am a Brandon Jennings fan so:

    @sillybilly I would love to see that list of 10-15 that are better

    @Daren so you don’t think he is worth 9-10 million a year, but you do think he is worth a 1st round pick and a young talent? Got it..And the source says that he is searching for that range, so why is the assumption that he is pricing himself out of it?

    @rogue his play specifically warrants that kind of money depending on the market.. Ty Lawson and Steph Curry both got over 10 million/year in their extensions and you could argue that Brando is better than both (at minimum healthier)

    And even worse I don’t get where this kind of money is what a star/leader gets paid.. pay attention.. the elite players in this league get paid at least 5-10 million more per year..

    Anyways I, like you, get frustrated with the inconsistency of BJ3, but check the stats.. he was the 5th highest scoring PG in the league last year(even with that tailspin he went into), 6th in steals and gets better statistically each year.. His body type means he probably never be a dominant defender, but he keeps himself active and is still better defender than the higher paid point guard examples I gave earlier. Nuff said

    • @Justin, I like Jennings too but in no particular order here are 10 that I feel are better or equally as good at getting Ws:
      Tony Parker
      Rajon Rondo
      Russel Westbrook
      Chris Paul
      Deron Williams
      Steve Nash
      Kyrie Irving
      Goran Dragic
      Jeremy Lin
      Derek Rose
      Ricky Rubio
      Kyle Lowry

      There are a few other players that could possibly be on this list. I won’t be upset if we resign him for 10mil but I would personally rather see us take a chance on trading him for a better value. I feel like if either Monta Ellis or BJ3 are the cornerstones of your franchise, then you are doomed to mediocrity.

  8. We all know Brandon’s faults, but he’s still ranked as a top 10 point guard, faults included.

    I don’t know if we let an opportunity slip away or if Bucks management is going to look brilliant for this decision come season end. But I do know that Brandon will be an NBA point guard for many years, as long as he doesn’t have some crazy injury.

    Time will tell. Go get ’em Young Buck!

  9. I say we extend him. I personally love how he plays, has improved each yr & I think he has a lot of fans here in Milwaukee. As a Bucks fan id be pretty upset if we let our best young player leave via FA. In my opinion keep BJ,Henson,Harris. Everyone else I could care less about. These 3 will grow into really good players.

  10. Mark my words he is going to play his way to big money this season whether it’s from Milwaukee or someone else that young man is gonna get a solid paycheck and Milwaukee will regret not paying him sooner

  11. Derozan gets 10 mil…lil Dell gets 12 mil per. With signings like these it’s going to be even more difficult to sign Jennings for anything less than 10 mil. Now the Bucks are either going to have to pay him big or let him walk

  12. Doron Lamb doing well could be the best thing for both he and BJ’s career. Lamb has got a little more size to defend and get to the hoop. Putting BJ with Ellis doesn’t help BJ much.

  13. Give him the money!!!! Half of you must be idiots look at the stats hes the best thing to happen to the bucks since the big three got blown up. They could blow the rest of the team up and i wouldnt bat an eye but you have to keep this kid, hes still so young and has gotten consistantly better, he has put the team and community on his back. You guys can sit there and list people who are better than him but guess what NONE OF THEM WOULD EVER COME TO MILWAUKEE, Jennings seems to love the team and the city. Jeremy Lin are you kidding me you should go play in traffic putting him and his substandard 5 week streak of semi consistant average play above Jennings and what he has done over the last few years. If the bucks dont resign him i will completely lose faith in the bucks front office and will never buy the NBA season pass again as i currently live out of market, Jennings and Ellis keep me tuned in.

    • Im not kidding you with Jeremy Lin, I think I couldve included Ty Lawson on that list as well. I hope you are right and BJ3 moves us up in the East, but based on what Ive seen from him the past 3 seasons Im not too optimistic. There were a handful of quality point guards available through draft trade and FA this past offseason that the Bucks could have grabbed. A solid pg would come to MKE and jennings is more or less replaceable. A star player on the other hand, is only going to come to MKE through the draft so I say lets ship these psuedo-star assets (ellis + jennings) to the highest bidder for future picks. Its a risk worth taking after putting fans through NBA puragory for a decade. When we get a player worth building around we can find another pg. We’ll see what happens, for now I’ll cheer for what we have on the floor and hope they make me look stupid for doubting them.

  14. I would rather see the Bucks pay Jennings more at the end of the season if he has continued to improve. While he has shown he can play at a high level, he hasn’t done so consistently. If he puts together a consistent, solid season, then pay the man 12 million a year, let Ellis walk, and continue to develop the youngsters. If he has yet another up and down season, let the market dictate what he will make. If it’s too pricey, let him walk – the Bucks don’t need another four years of inconsistent point guard play.

    • I like this comment, Jennings has looked amazing at times, but consistency is definetely lacking. Based on what we have seen I think the organization has good reason to be a bit timid about committing the future to him.