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Left knees: John Henson’s is costing him two weeks and Ekpe Udoh’s is now healthy

| October 17, 2012

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Remember earlier today? When times were good and we thought John Henson would be just fine but considered how injuries elsewhere were impacting the Milwaukee Bucks? Well times are worse, but only a bit worse.

John Henson’s battered left knee will cost him two weeks. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

The Milwaukee Bucks reported earlier today that Henson will miss two weeks with a sprained knee.

John Henson will be limited to non-impact activity for approximately two weeks after suffering a left knee sprain and bone bruise in last night’s preseason game vs. Chicago. Henson’s non-impact activity will involve rehabilitation work in the swimming pool and on a stationary bike, along with weight room exercises.

That’s the bad news. But the good news involves a fellow power forward. Ekpe Udoh is ready to return!

Ekpe Udoh (left knee strain) returned to full basketball activity after missing two games with a left knee strain. He is probable for tomorrow night’s game against Memphis in La Crosse, Wis.

Fortunately, Henson has had a couple weeks to get acclimated to the NBA and familiar with both his teammates and the system he’ll be playing in this season. That’s likely been crucial in his development. So this shouldn’t be a miserable set back that crushes Henson season or anything like that. And you saw the injury: It could have been much worse.

As Udoh returns and Henson departs, we’ll likely see Larry Sanders maintain the minutes he’s seen thus far in preseason. Hopefully he’ll be able to maintain his fairly high level of play. Udoh will now get the opportunity to get his conditioning back and get a leg up on Henson for early season minutes that are sure to be at a premium.

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  1. Bizzucks says:

    I bet Udoh being the best player in the NBA has something to do with his quick healing time… Is what I was expecting to read in this post

  2. Patti says:

    Good thing we have all those forwards…they’re dropping like flies and it’s only preseason.