Mbah a Moute and Lamb to miss camp and other notes from Milwaukee Bucks media day

Tomorrow, it begins again. (From Bucks Instagram … which I very much enjoy)

The media has cleared out, the balls are ready on the rack and the court’s waxed. Camp starts tomorrow.

A couple of notes coming out of media day though first:

  • Luc Richard Mbah a Moute will miss training camp as he continues to recover from a May surgery on his right patella tendon. He told Charles F. Gardner at the start of September that he wasn’t sure if he’d be ready for camp and that he didn’t want to rush things. Mbah a Moute was widely expected to jump in at the small forward position as a starter this season given the influx of power forwards this off-season in Milwaukee and the departure of Carlos Delfino. Second year forward Tobias Harris will likely slide into the starting spot at the three as he often did as a rookie last year in Mbah a Moute’s absence. Asked by Jim Paschke at media day if he’d like to start, Harris very quickly replied: “I would love to be a starter.”
  • Harris also noted that he’s added eight pounds of muscle as apart of the reshaping of a body that was often questioned during his rookie season. He spoke to Paschke about the importance of carbs and nutrition extensively during his interview broadcast on You’ll recall Harris missing a large portion of training camp last year while fighting what’s loosely being referred to as dehydration. He suspects a lack of carbs had something to do with it.
  • Rookie shooting guard Doron Lamb will also miss training camp. Lamb apparently suffered an injury to his left elbow in voluntary workouts last week.
  •  Mike Dunleavy spoke about expecting to play at least some at the two guard position this year. He said the wing sports were virtually interchangeable and that he was just fine coming off the bench. To recap: Mike Dunleavy will play wherever and it doesn’t matter to him if he’s starting or subbing. Also – that shot! He is a dream.
  • There was a lot of dancing around just who would get how many minutes with regard to all those big men the Bucks suddenly find themselves with. Joel Przybilla is the most obvious candidate for extensive minutes on the Bucks bench, along with rookie John Henson and Larry Sanders, one would think. Drew Gooden seemed all kinds of willing to sacrifice minutes for wins, noting that he’s at a point in his career where the wins are way more important than the numbers.
  • Everything is great on media day. The Bucks are going to contend for a top four spot in the East! This team has SO MANY SHOT-BLOCKERS! Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are so quick and they can score so many points! The optimism is probably very enjoyable for a lot of people. Figuring out what’s real and what isn’t is not a media day task. If this Bucks season can even approach the unbridled enthusiasm that streamed over my computer today, it should be a good one.

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  1. I was impressed with all the optimism with the players. I really like Ersan and Monta particularly; saying that there’s no reason this team can’t be a #4 seed.

    I thought Beno was kind of stuck up; he was the one interview who I thought was weak. He seems like he doesn’t like being the 2nd Point.

    Overall, Media Day is just fun to see the players. It’s always a little over-the-top optimistic (i.e. last year Stephen Jax acted like he was flying on rainbows…how did that work out?!?), but I can usually find who’s genuine and I thought most of our guys were eager and personable–right mindset too!

    • I actually appreciated Udrih’s honesty. That and his constant referencing of plus/minus and how good he is at it.

  2. Kind of cruddy about Lamb missing camp, I think we can kind of kiss his playing time goodbye at least for a good portion of the first half of the season, if not more.