No One Man Should Have All That Pasta. Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors Preview

The Bucks are projected to be in a tight race for the last playoff spot with a few teams, among them the Toronto Raptors. It doesn’t bode well for the Bucks playoff chances when the Raptors best player outclasses the team cornerstone that is Brandon Jennings in nearly every way.

Kyle Lowry is the embodiment of the Milwaukee Bucks greatest weaknesses: a point guard who can rebound. Last season, he was the best rebounder among all point guards that averaged over 15 minutes a game with a 9.2 rebounding rate.

Lucky for the Bucks, Lowry doesn’t attack the rim as much as his peers. He only attempts 3.1 shots at the rim. For reference, Brandon Jennings takes 4.7 attempts at the rim per game. Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook both take 6.1 attempts. That isn’t to say that Lowry isn’t more than capable.

Lowry gives up attempts at the rim for 4.6 three-pointers per game where he has a solid 56.1 eFG%. For reference, Jennings takes 5.9 threes a game with a 49.8% eFG%. As a general rule, Jennings takes more shots than Lowry from every spot on the court while being a worse shooter from every spot on the court.

Lowry’s a great rebounder, solid shooter, and his assist rate (rate of assists per possessions used) is superior to Jennings (42.46 compared 26.51). He’s a bulldog of a defender too. All the defensive stats I’ve looked at actually point to Jennings being a better defender, so I can’t cherry pick a stat to support my belief. Just know that I really, really, really believe Lowry is a better defender than Jennings.

I picked Lowry to be really good when he was still in Villanova. It’s something I’m very proud of, so I have a lot emotionally invested in him. Take that info as you will. To counterbalance that bit of bragging, know that I thought Blake Griffin would be a bust.

Also, I guess it could really affect how Lowry gets to the rim with Larry Sanders out of the game. Or not.

Probably not.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

If this were a Raptors blog, there would be constant reviews of different pasta sauces. The pasta sauce section at Pick N’ Save is so big! And I eat a lot of spaghetti.

Matchup of the Game

Tobias Harris vs. Landry Fields

Knocking Lowry’s assist rate down a few pegs will be a team effort. A lot of it will be up to Harris’s defense of Fields who just cuts and cuts and cuts. Occasionally, Harris is drawn to the ball like a moth to a flame. It’ll be good for him to get burned with a few easy Landry lay-ups.


The current seven-game winning streak over Toronto is one of three active Bucks streaks of 7+ wins against a single opponent (Brooklyn – 11 straight wins; Cleveland – 7 straight wins).

Ekpe Udoh All Star Watch

I have not seen any photos on Udoh’s twitter. Nor does he have an instagram. I assume he does photography like a real OG with a Polaroid Instant.

Prediction: Larry Sanders 0 games played, Everyone else 1 game played.

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  1. Kyle Lowry simply put has changed the culture of this Raptors franchise.

    This team along with Landry Fields and Valuncionas have added some grit and toughness that it has sorely lacked in the past. Lowry is your poor man’s Chris Paul who wills his team to keep fighting when it wants to quit.

    I look forward to seeing Valuncionas (I really should learn to spell his name)pull a Blake Griffin and be a rookie of the year the year after he was drafted. I know I’m counting my chickens waaaay too early but this is what the excitement of the season is all about. Hopefully, Raptors are battling for the 7/8 seed down the season stretch run.