On top of the sound of thousands of children screaming when they were happy, sad … well, generally just screaming non-stop all game, we all got to listen to the delightful voice of Milwaukee Bucks radio man Ted Davis call the Bucks third win of the preseason Thursday morning.

Yes, morning. Much to the delight of middle schools in and surrounding the Charlotte area, the Milwaukee Bucks traveled to North Carolina to take on the Charlotte Bobcats at 10 AM central Thursday morning. Brandon Jennings tweeted that it reminded him of his AAU days. BrewHoop’s Steve Von Horn tweeted with less enthusiasm and fond memory. Most were just shocked that there was a game on so early in the morning.

To those unhappy with the start, I say to you what I’ve been tweeting ad nausea over the past couple of days:

The kids got to take in a game and get out of school for a day. Hurrah for them, says I! And they made their presence felt. When I wrote before that these kids were screaming non-stop, I was hardly exaggerating. I listened throughout the first quarter and if the children had been a bit more unified, they had all the power of those kids from Another Brick in the Wall. When I tuned back in at the end, the familiarity of Davis’ voice is what kept me listening and understanding what he was saying. Those kids were loud. Loud enough for Scott Skiles to notice them:

A school-day crowd listed at 19,077 made for an ear-piercing atmosphere at the Bobcats home court.

“Not my favorite, but great for the kids to be able to come and see a game,” Skiles said.

But those  screaming, glass-breaking children had nothing to cheer in quarter four. The Bucks stumbled through the second and third quarters and found themselves trailing by 20 at one point in the third quarter,  71-51. Then Milwaukee went on one of those ho-hum 49-19 runs to close out the game. Goodness.

It was a run the Bucks needed. Not because they “needed” a preseason win, but they did “need” some good minutes together as good minutes had been lacking lately for a Bucks team that dropped its previous four games in unimpressive fashion. But Milwaukee’s defense returned to the form that allowed it such great success in the first two preseason games of the year.

The Bucks limited the Bobcats to 29% in the second half Thursday morning. Ben Gordon, who pulled the Bobcats ahead in the first quarter with a pair of threes, went 0-7 from the field in the second half. Kemba Walker was 3-10 from the field and Byron Mullens, a Bucks killer last year, took just one shot. Meanwhile, Milwaukee won the rebound battle 30-18, led by an impressive 11 rebound effort in the second half from Larry Sanders. The switch flipped at some point for Sanders and he became a rebound vacuum. Or maybe hew as just lucky. Whatever the case, he grabbed five in the last 2:53. In total, Sanders grabbed 13 rebounds and had four of the Bucks 11 blocks on the night day. And hey, Ekpe Udoh grabbed seven rebounds in 25 minutes. It was all coming up Milwaukee in Charlotte.

  • Doron Lamb made his Bucks debut and performed about as well as could have been expected. He was made six of 11 shots en route to 12 points. 10 of his 12 came in a fourth quarter in which the Bucks outscored the ‘Cats 28-11. Lamb was 0-3 on threes, but hey, he’s still coming back from that elbow injury. He said after the game he was a little sore but he sounded eager to support his teammates. Is anyone ever going to come out against their teammates in a post game interview at some point? I’d laugh like a banshee if a guy was being interviewed one day and instead of saying he, “Just wanted to do whatever he could to support his teammates” he said, “I’m just worried about playing so I can get better and eventually position myself to earn a bunch of money and have a bunch of success. If that helps my teammates, then so be it.” I anxiously await the day you appear in real life, Leon.
  • After a pair of rough outings from the field (2-14 FG in past two games), Tobias Harris poured in 18 points (6-9 FG, and a surprising 3-4 3FG). Efficiency! Corner threes!
  • Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings had a difficult 4-25 FG combined effort. Nothing to see here, moving on.