Sam Dalembert reminds us all he is very much a center with this dunk sequence

This is about as stereotypical center as an offensive player can get. Sam Dalembert sets a screen at the elbow, rolls to the hoop, catches the pass, gathers with two feet and rises up about 10 inches for a two handed dunk while absorbing contact from a smaller player. It looked like Dalembert barely even felt Pistons’ guard Rodney Stuckey’s attempt at stopping the stuff. I’m referring to this as as “stuff” becuse that’s probably the most accurate synonym for dunk that can be used to describe how Dalembert put this one down.

Beyond all that, I rather enjoyed Pistons’ commentator Greg Kelser’s description of Dalembert’s appearance:

“He looks a little … I wanna say stronger, BUT I’M THINKIN’ HEAVY!”

So long as he can use that extra heft to defend the rim better and finish stronger, you’d be hard pressed to find any Bucks fans complaining about Dalembert’s weight.

Also, how baggy are his shorts? Goodness.

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  1. Love that the pass came from Harris. For only second game together, I see a lot of team work. So many new pieces…so many completed plays.