The MACC Fund Game. Washington Wizards at Milwaukee Bucks Preview

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If there’s one preseason game everyone should go to, it’s this one. It’s the MACC Fund game. This one is for the children. Don’t be jerks. As a hypocrite of note, I will not be going. The company I work for is having a shindig. I’m going with full intent of owning the company by the end of the night through a series of high-stakes cockfights. I will donate or volunteer after I have acquired the power.

The Washington Wizards are a hamstring away from having an entire leg’s worth of injuries. Nene (left foot), John Wall (left knee), and Kevin Seraphin (right calf) did not come to Milwaukee. This bevy of injuries leads to things like Jordan Crawford and Earl Barron taking 24 shots combined. Crawford stares at himself in the mirror every night repeating, “You can’t stop me,” over and over, so there’s nothing that can be done about him taking a ton of shots. The Wizards could really help themselves out though if they stop thinking, “Oh hey, looks like Earl Barron’s feeling it tonight. Let’s feed him.” Spreading those shots out to their big offseason acquisitions – Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, and Emeka Okafor – seems like a much sounder strategy.

The Milwaukee Bucks injury problems are directly connected to their latest draft class. John Henson (left knee sprain) and Doron Lamb (left elbow strain) are still out. Knowing Scott Skiles tendencies, I’m ready to declare that this is a lost season for Lamb unless he’s absolute gangbusters whenever he gets minutes. Henson is a different story. Henson’s second biggest selling point was his rebounding. He was elite in college – he lead the ACC in rebounding. He hasn’t looked spectacular yet, but by default he’s one of the better rebounders on the Bucks.



Also of note: I love the Wiz

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