Welcome back, Bucks basketball

They’re back! (Photo: Bucks.com)

Welcome back, Milwaukee Bucks basketball. Oh, how I have missed you.

Oh, how I can’t believe I’d ever say that sincerely.

But seriously, does anyone else feel the same way? Does anyone else miss the same things I miss? Please, allow me to elaborate.

I missed turning on FS-Wisconsin on those blistering cold nights and seeing the Red and Green bounding up and down the court, actions vividly depicted by the dynamic duo of Jim Paschke and John McGlocklin.

I miss coming back to Milwaukee and cementing myself in the seats of the BMO Harris Bradley Center that haven’t been readjusted to accommodate monsters like me (even the slightest bit of leg room would be nice once in a while)!

I missed seeing Scott Skiles’s shimmering forehead of wonder. No really, I did.

I missed Seniorgee.

I missed Bango’s antics. I missed the Rim Rockers.

I missed counting how many tattoos Monta Ellis had. I missed hoping that Carlos Delfino’s would accidentally rub off.

I miss confusing Larry Sanders and Ekpe Udoh until one of them commits three silly fouls in five minutes. Then I knew it was Larry.

Okay, that’s enough fun. I actually have legitimate reasons, I swear.

The reason I missed Bucks basketball so much extends well beyond guilty pleasures and goes into why anyone is a fan of anything. Being a Bucks fan is nowhere in the vicinity of being easy. No title since 1971. Nothing to really feel “title-worthy” about since 2001 (if not earlier). Bucks fandom is basically an endless purgatory of inconsistency and false optimism, right? So, if it’s so maddening, why do we watch these guys?

Is part of it because they’re the hometown team? Yes, there is no disputing that. But there’s more to being a fan than blindly supporting them. There’s this … belief within a fan that if you stick around long enough, something good is bound to happen. Sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? I’m sorry.

What I mean to say is that seeing the work these men are putting in in the off-season makes us, the fans, want them to succeed. That’s what a fan is. A fan is not someone who complains that every call against their team is crap or that an under-performing player is overrated. Far from it. A fan is someone that invests in the process of a team they love with players they love, whether it is through glorious highs or infuriating lows. To be along the ride with their team is what makes it worthwhile to them. They go through the lows that other fans don’t have to so that they can enjoy the highs of success that others can’t

So welcome back Bucks basketball. You’ve been missed, but it’s great to have you back. Here’s to one hell of a season.

Let’s open this up – what did you miss?

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  1. I personally miss wondering whether or not Bogut will have a healthy season and if he’s going to turn the corner to becoming an All Star Center

    • Haha i miss that too, even though I liked the trade I feel like a part of me died when Bogut was traded. That part hasn’t been replaced yet I guess cause we have no other fledgling superstar at this point.