45th Season, 45 Reasons (Part 1)

Blocked shots. One of many reasons to be excited about Bucks basketball being back. (AP Photo / Mike McCarn)

This year marks the 44th 45th season of Milwaukee Bucks basketball. Do you know what that means? Why, 44 45 things we’re looking forward to, of course!  We?  Yes.  Bucksketball darling Jon Hartzell, our millions of fans, and I have put our brains together and have come up with 44 45 things we’re all looking forward to.  Some will be actual serious things we’re looking forward to, but we have all season to be serious and critical and such.  Our Bucks are back!  Let’s be happy and have some fun for as long as it takes you to skim through this post!

To the list!

  • Brandon Jennings fast breaks

–We all remember that commercial that aired during Jennings’s rookie campaign (and possibly after), when Jennings knifed through some defenders by going around his back and contorting 180 degrees to finish the layup.  That was some pretty nifty fast break work and Jennings always seems capable of pulling off a highlight move at any moment, so we can for sure look forward to that.

  • Monta Ellis erupting for 20 points in a quarter

–We all know it’s going to happen, and we all know that after that quarter, the consensus opinion on this backcourt will be a billion times higher than it is at this moment.

  • Scott Skiles getting ejected

–About as sure of a thing as any this season.

  • Drew Gooden to Drew Gooden alley-oops

–Everyone’s favorite!

  • Nights Streetlife has the game off

–Streetlife, the in-game house band that everyone knows of but detests.

  • The warmth of the Bradley Center greeting you at the door (Jeremy’s note: BUT IT’S SO COLD INSIDE! PLEASE MAKE THE MYSTERIOUS WINDS STOP, BMO HARRIS!)

–Nothing like it, to be honest.

  • Tobias Harris reaching his potential

–Something we all so very desperately want to happen.  The kid is still only 20 years old, but Bucks faithful everywhere are expecting Harris to carry a more substantial load.  He definitely seems to be mentally prepared for it, but hopefully will translates to production on the court.  Only time will tell.

  • Small Fry games

–A hidden gem, especially when the Bucks are getting destroyed by Indiana in a random game in the middle of winter or something.  Watching those kids enjoy the experience makes you take a look back and think to yourself, “OHMIGOD I WANT TO PLAY IN THIS GAME!  I’M SO JEALOUS!”

  • John McGlocklin laughing uncontrollably

–The second most sure thing in any given game or season. This dude can get his giggle on.

  • John Henson minutes

–After showing up big in Vegas this past summer and showing promising signs this preseason, Henson appeared to be ready to battle for some minutes this season.  Of course, that all was delayed by a knee sprain.  Henson should be back soon, but will likely have to earn any worthwhile minutes all over again.

  • Drew Gooden coming off the bench

–Put simply, this is where he belongs.  Barring any catastrophe with injuries, Gooden should serve as a decent bench option in restricted minutes.  This will come as bad news to opposing centers, as they will surely miss Gooden’s “turn and duck” method of playing defense last year.

  • Scott Skiles smiling

–I imagine this only happening on a handful of occasions, the most likely being if he’s out on the court during the small fry game and one of the kids falls and skins their knee.

  • The games when both Jennings and Ellis are great

–Haven’t really seen a game like this yet, but you’d like to think the stars will align at least once (maybe 82 times, I’m not asking for much) this season.  I’d also like to use the headline “BJellis of our backcourt” just once.

  • Luc Richard Mbah a Moute being healthy

–While offensively maddening (unless he’s cutting like a champ), LRMAM is an elite defender and you just can’t put a price on how valuable that is.  Ever.  Don’t even try it.

  • Blocks leading to fast breaks

–BLOCK PARTY!!!  Hopefully all the intense optimism over the summer about how good the Bucks will be at shot blocking will pay off.  It sure looked good in the first two games of the preseason.  Then again, so did everything.

  • Larry Sanders grabbing a rebound, and deciding it’s best to take this one coast to coast

–You may laugh as you read this, but this becomes instantly not funny when you realize that there is at least an 80% chance that this happens.

  • A potentially very intriguing trade deadline

As Zach Lowe pointed out in his bold predictions article, the Bucks may be in that position to make a big move (or at least one minor move) at this year’s trade deadline, just like last season.  Let’s just hope that it’s more for the betterment of a playoff run than a fire sale of the roster.

  • The first Doron Lamb made three

–Easily the biggest source of stress from my summer.  Lamb, who shot 47% from downtown in college, has yet to connect from beyond the arc this summer league or preseason.  Hopefully this can be resolved quickly and Bucks bloggers and fans alike can go back to living stress-free lives and I can pop the champagne I admittedly bought for this occasion.

  • Finding the answer to the PF carousel

–Clearly the most important issue for this upcoming season.  How will Skiles and his staff find minutes for Ersan Ilyasova, Ekpe Udoh, Sanders, Gooden, Henson, and even LRMAM?  It should be very interesting to see if any semblance of a pattern can be formed or if Skiles just gets too frustrated and runs away to Zihuatanejo to work on his boat for the remainder of his years.

  • Ersan Ilyasova FINALLY making a hilarious YouTube video

–This HAS to happen soon.

  • Which blogger/player love affair lasts longer:  Jon/Larry Sanders or Ian/Ekpe Udoh

–Honorable mention/dark horse goes to Jeremy and Mike Dunleavy.  I know I’ll be watching this closely with the rest of America.

  • Finding out the secret to Mike Dunleavy’s hair

–I must know what makes his hair so mesmerizing to me.  Maybe Jeremy has the inside scoop…

Look for Part 2, coming out on Friday.  If you have any things you’re looking forward to, send them my way!


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  1. I’m looking forward to Brandon Jennings having his first 55 point game since his rookie season (preferably against Golden State) and all those critics saying we should have signed him before the October 31st deadline.