45th season, 45 reasons (Part 2)

Bango and Tobias Harris. Two of many things we’re looking forward to this season (Photo: Bucks.com)

Welcome to part 2 of the 45th season, 45 reasons article.  As I stated in part 1, a few of things are serious, but most of them are for fun.  The season is dangerously close, and we want to head into it with high spirits.  Again, this list was made possible by suggestions from the fans (now growing into the billions) and the brilliant minds at Bucksketball.  Yeah, brilliant, let’s go with that.  Anyways..


  • Everybody in their contract years!

— As bleak as it is to realize that the Brandon JenningsMonta Ellis backcourt could be playing elsewhere next year, as well as Mike Dunleavy and Samuel Dalembert, there is a sliver of a silver lining here.  They’re all auditioning, which means one of two things, both which can be flipped optimistically.  They could either try to outduel each other and get traded at the deadline.   The Bucks would then tank and get a not-so-average lottery pick that they’re usually accustomed to and begin the rebuilding process.  They could also have career years like Ersan Ilyasova did last season and could take this team farther than any of us expected (which is probably the 2nd round, BUT STILL!)

  • Being able to say “told ya so” when Tobias Harris gets the first 5×5 game in a few seasons

–If you are unaware of the 5×5, it’s when a player gets five points, five rebounds, five assists, five steals, and five blocks.  The last player to do it was Andrei Kirilenko back when he was a stud, so that shows how long it’s been since it’s happened.  I know that picking Tobias Harris to accomplish this feat is beyond a longshot, as he isn’t the most..active defender I’ve ever seen, but it’s not totally out of the realm of possibilities.  Commence, Tobias Harris 5×5 watch, which I started.  Remember this moment.

  • The Beno Udrih pull-up jumper

–Udrih, who ranks sixth in field goal percentage in the paint (in the non-restricted area, which is anywhere but inside the arc below the hoop), has made quite a living on finding his spots in there, staying balanced, and knocking down 51.20% of his attempts.  It’s pretty much all the guy does, to be honest.  Kudos to Steven Von Horn over at BrewHoop for breaking this all down.  And you thought I was smart and just pulled that out of thin air.

  • The Bucks PR Staff

–They’re one of the best in the business, even bringing in some hardware last season.  They were also quick to point out that this was indeed the 45th season of Milwaukee Bucks basketball, saving us Bucksketballers year-long embarrassment.  Thanks Bucks PR, and keep up the good work.

We take an important break from the fans and my suggestions to give you three things Jeremy is looking forward to!

  • A few threes strung together

–I love the deep ball. I love it more when three or four possessions in a row end with one. It’s especially fun when one guy is able to get going and start throwing them in like it’s the simplest thing in the world for him to do. We all love to see someone at the peak of their profession, especially athletes. Hell, I’m glued to the TV when a bowler puts together six or seven strikes together.

  • Bobbleheads!  

–As I glance to the right of my desk at work, I’m greeted by Sidney Moncrief, Yi Jianlian (note from Eric:  I was witness to your purchase of that bobblehead!) and two Kareem Abdul-Jabbars. If I jab the desk a bit, they all nod and answer in the affirmative when I ask them if I’m doing a good job.

  • The new court!

–It’s a subtle difference, but the Bucks court got a paint job. It looks sharper and meaner. Thousands of people will walk into the BMOHBC this year and wonder what’s different, but they won’t quite be able to put their finger on it. This will be the thing their fingers can’t find.

Wasn’t that fun, everyone?  Thanks to Jeremy for the input, and for opening up about your deep friendship with your bobbleheads.

  • Monta Ellis making at least one circus layup a month

–This layup will be met with amazement, confusion, wonder, and cries for a max contract extension, until Ellis chucks up the next eleven long twos.  THAT ONE LAYUP, THOUGH.

  • The ongoing investigation as to the exact percentage of Muppet in John Henson‘s genetic makeup.

–Don’t try and deny it, there’s some Muppet in that man.  It’s up to us to find out how much.

  • No more Andrew Bogut free throws!

–We’ll all miss how Bogut was a leader on and off the court and how he fearlessly protected the rim, but we will definitely not miss how he fired missiles with impossibly little arc at the front of the rim on a nightly basis.

  • The purple & green will be back at least a couple of times

–If you’re a nostalgic Bucks fan, you remember the good times had in the purple and green jerseys.  Well, for a couple of times this season, those threads will be back in action. 

  • The division is slowly improving, so all those games will be fun

–While the Bucks seem to be stuck in the middle of the division, it could be much worse.  At least this division is talented and competitive.  Chicago and Indiana will always be intense matchups for the Bucks, and the Pistons and Cavs will at the very least have some stars in the making you can watch, with Andre Drummond and Kyrie Irving making some noise in their respective cities.  So, instead of worrying about where the Bucks will place in the division, take a step back and enjoy the Central matchups.

  • Marquis Daniels’s antics

–It’s not clear yet what role Marquis Daniels will have yet, but he’s sure to be entertaining.  Whether it’s being a positive influence on the bench or in the locker room, or being a boss on Twitter, Daniels will surely keep spirits up and energy levels high.

  • When Jim Paschke & John McGlocklin stop commenting on the game and start making fun of each other

–Some of my favorite moments of Bucks games are when the TV duo start poking fun at each other’s age or something along those lines.  This usually ends with McGlocklin getting a wicked case of the giggles, but only for the fourth or fifth time that game.

  • Bucks twitter trying to out-pessimist/realist each other

–Should be a must-watch all season long.  Look for this to take a huge spike when anyone in the backcourt gets injured.

  • Ersan taking charges

Anytime I see a ref make an offensive foul call against the opposing team, I expect to see teammates helping Ersan off the floor.  That man knows how to take a charge.

  • Assists, everywhere!

–This team gained much-deserved attention the second half of last season when they would get 30 assists on the regular.  30 assists basically became a reflex for this squad, and we all hope this can continue.  That was some pretty basketball.

  • At least one dude hitting a half-court shot in between breaks in the game

–Someone has to make one this season.  Law of averages, yo! Kudos to the guy who knocked one down last year.

  • Seeing Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun courtside

–Wisconsin’s favorite couple?  At a Bucks game?  What more could you ask for??

  • Guys Night Out!

–This is that promotion that you hear about, think “Oh, that would be kind of cool to do once,” and then never look more into it.  It sure seems fun in the commercials, though.

  • The Mascot of the Year

–Even if you’re glued to your seat watching him, you have to admit that Bango is the most ridiculously entertaining mascot in the NBA.  There is nothing that he can’t or won’t do, and you really have to appreciate that on a nightly basis.

  • The blossoming bromance of your two favorite Bucksketball writers!

–That’s right! It started as simple twitter chemistry (twemistry), but be on watch for Tony Atkins and I to be starring in the latest Bucks commercials and in our own sitcom, coming soon to FS-Wisconsin.  Okay, that’s not happening. Probably.  Okay, it is happening. No it isn’t.  This is awkward.

  • Seeing the Bucks play, period.

–The final one is the most important, and the most simple.  As frustrating as this team can be and as joking as we’ve been here, seeing these men fight every day and night of this season for a spot in the playoffs is something we can’t value enough.  They’re not making it to the Finals, obviously.  They may not even make it to the playoffs.  However, the simple fact that they will give everything they have to go as far as they can and we get to be there for every moment.  That’s just awesome.  Enjoy the upcoming Bucks season, everyone!

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  1. You forgot about Telly Hughes pointing out the most obvious things that could possibly ever be said on TV.