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The Milwaukee Bucks game versus the Washington Wizards will not be broadcast on FSN Wisconsin. That’s alright though because the Wizards are train wreck. They’re dead last in offensive efficiency and ranked twenty-third in defensive efficiency. So it’s almost a godsend not having to watch that team. If anyone actually wants to watch the game, I’m charging ten dollars per quarter to use my league pass.

After a combined 11 for 38 shooting performance by Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, the duo look to have a good bounce-back game against A.J. Price and Bradley Beal. The Wizards two starting guards have a plus/minus of negative 15.8 this season. Opponents are averaging a 47.6 3P% and a 49.5 FG% when that duo is on the court. This is a much better matchup than Mike Conley and Tony Allen. When the Memphis Grizzlies starting guards are on the court, opponents average a 31.8 3P% and 43.1 FG%.  Ellis and Jennings have gone from fighting an anaconda to a garden snake.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer?????

Chris Singleton for the rare clutch posterization against the Boston Celtics.

Matchup of the Game

Tobias Harris vs. Trevor Ariza
Tobias Harris has fairly good shot selection. He has a strong idea of where his spots are and doesn’t force anything unless he’s in one of his spots. Trevor Ariza has impossibly bad shot selection – he just jacks contested twenty footers all game, every game. I blame Kobe Bryant. I’m glad Harris doesn’t play with anyone with terrible shot selection. Oh wait…

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

Jeremy was making fun of me yesterday because Udoh only registered one stat (a rebound) against the Grizzlies. Whatever. Hater. Jeremy doesn’t know what it truly means to love.


Bucks trounce Wizards 101 – 91

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  1. Wizards or not I think not broadcasting these games sends a message to us fans, or about Bucks fans.