Back on the road: Milwaukee Bucks at Philadelphia Sixers Preview

Andrew Bynum was sold to Sixers fans as hope of a very bright tomorrow. A tomorrow that would make the years of mediocrity they’ve experienced since Allen Iverson left just exercises in building character that would be rewarded.

Andrew Bynum is not going to play basketball before January.

Such is the life of tossing your franchise’s future in the hands of a historically creaky center. Bucks fans are more than familiar with this scenario. Milwaukee’s hopes were high when Andrew Bogut flashed plenty of dominating performances in the 2009-10 season and he even had a handful of them in 2008-09. It seemed like Milwaukee would be able to hitch their wagon to this strongly constructed, tough guy Australian. But the body is a precious thing and big guys that get hurt, have a habit of getting hurt more than once. Their bodies aren’t constructed to do what they force them to do.

Now the Sixers are dealing with that reality. I would advise them to stay optimistic. It’s all you can do, Sixer fan. Just hope he doesn’t end up playing 50 games every year. That’s the worst kind of result. It’s the sort of result that keeps you good enough to be bad, but not bad enough to be good.

Andrew Bynum looks sad and distant. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

Jrue Holiday is a point guard that received a contract extension before this season started. He’s responded with a fairly stellar first six games: 18.2 points per game, 9.5 assists and 3.8 rebounds per game. He’s hitting almost 45% of his shots and almost 44% of his threes. He’s seen his PER jump from a very average 14.7 last season to an impressive 18.7 this season.

He’s pretty much doing everything right, save for his habit of handing the ball to the other team all too frequently. Through three games, he has the third most turnovers of any player since 1985-86 according to He’s been downright Marburyesque when you factor in his stellar play with his giving the ball away.

Anyway, he was in Brandon Jennings’ draft class and Jennings was taken ahead of him. So Bucks fans will forever link the two and be bummed out whenever  Holiday plays better.

Matchup of the Game

Jennings vs. Holiday

Why fight it? This is the sort of matchup we want to see Jennings show up for out for blood. PROVE YOURSELF YOUNG FELLA!!

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

We’re all still not really sure what he does, but Preston Schmitt gave explaining it a shot. Udoh grabbed a relatively fantastic four rebounds against the Celtics … and the Bucks lost! GIVE UP THE BALL!


Bucks pull out their third road victory: 103 – 98


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  1. @Collisionesque You’re right on one thing they won’t score 103… they’ll score 105. First game of the season where Jennings and Ellis both were clicking, really clicking. Still waiting for Ersan to show up. With Jennings on the court, +25, with Ellis +17. Hopefully they can carry this over.