Beno Udrih likely out against the Grizzlies

Beno Udrih has been very productive off the bench through two games.

Beno Udrih will miss the Milwaukee Bucks’ game Wednesday at home against the Memphis Grizzlies with a left thigh contusion suffered at practice Monday, according to the media. I’m going to just start saying “the media” when I’m referencing reports that could be reported by anyone who was in attendance at practice and listening when Coach Scott Skiles addressed the media. So here’s Skiles discussing the matter:

Doron (Lamb) will play more,” Skiles said after practice Tuesday. “Marquis (Daniels) may play more. Memphis is a very good club, and we are going to have to play well anyways. Brandon (Jennings) and Monta (Ellis) may play more minutes even.”

Udrih has had a strong start to the season, providing efficient scoring off the bench. He and Mike Dunleavy were the offensive forces behind a big Bucks run in the second quarter that opened up an 11-point lead on the Cavs Saturday. Through two games, he’s averaged 10.5 points on 50% shooting.

Skiles said after Saturday’s game that he tried to get Lamb into the game for some offensive punch and, while Lamb failed to punch in his six minutes on the court, he thought the rookie moved around well. It doesn’t seem a stretch to predict upwards of 10-15 minutes (he played three minutes in the opener) from Lamb and maybe even more. Lamb was considered a shooting guard who would be capable of playing point guard for limited minutes around draft time.

After playing 10 minutes against Boston, Daniels was a DNP-CD against the Cavs.

Jennings spent a good portion of Saturday’s tilt handing the ball off to either Udrih or Ellis and letting them man the point guard controls while he was hounded by the defensively impressive Alonzo Gee. So don’t be surprised if Milwaukee uses some lineups that involve Ellis and Jennings on the floor separately to keep someone with a stronger resemblance to a point guard on the floor most of the time. Jennings played 36 minutes against the Cavs after a big early lead in Boston allowed him the luxury of only 29 opening night minutes in a win. Ellis averaged 36.5 minutes over the first two games.

Both starters will likely see beyond 35 minutes Wednesday.

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  1. As a Bucks fan, I find the “8th Seed or Bust” banner lame, pessimistic and an insult to the readers and the Bucks themselves. What do you think the Turkish Thunder thinks when he asks Jennings, “What does that mean?” Shape up or get off the internet. Anyone agree?

    • Not really my job to worry about what the Bucks players think. I don’t work for the team and I have no affiliation with them aside from being a fan who has observed an awful lot of mediocre basketball.

      My job is to try and inform readers while entertaining them a bit. Sorry that you’re not a fan, but I hope you looked beyond the banner to see what this whole thing is all about.

    • It’s a joke. Obviously us fans want to see better. The banner a satirical reference to the way that the NBA is currently set up, and small markets’ teams typical chances. Duh…

    • As an optimist I throttled Jeremy on the banner before, but after thinking about it I feel anyone that has watched the Bucks for the last decade has a right to be a bit gloomy and cynical, and besides this site is pretty enjoyable to read. As the season goes on I think it will become apparent, to everyone’s delight including JSchmidt, that the Bucks chances to become an eventual contender are better than pundits predictions. We’ve got a pretty solid core right now, mostly acquired through the draft. Being in a big market is an advantage, but if a team can do a good job of evaluating talent in the draft and free agency, and has the right culture for developing players, then there is a fighting chance that they can be really good. Im happy to cheer for an underdog.

  2. Your right, it is a joke. I go to this site because it’s one of the few places to get fast Bucks news outside of Milwaukee but I don’t have to like it. I’ve been looking at it ever since the rocket scientists who designed it busted it out. No real fan should stand for this. Consider how fans of other teams view this site. It reflects on the Bucks whether you’re smart enough to realize or not. ESPN is on the internet all over the world, Mr. Wannabe Journalist. Represent!

    • Kindly unplug your keyboard, walk outside, and smash it over your head.. Once this is completed Please enjoy a Coke and a smile.. Your SN is sitehater.. don’t know why anyone is even indulging you with retort(yes me included).. obviously you’re not here to enjoy the fine works of guys like Ian or Jeremy, so don’t come here.. Shoo away little bug

  3. Okay…so where were we? Oh yeah, Beno is out with injury tonight. Poor guy, he’s doing so well and this is second injury after only two season games.

    Hope that he’s back in the game in short order. Meanwhile, it’s going to be a challenge to get the right combo of guards out there tonight to get this win. Several options, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

    Go Bucks!

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