Buck Hits: John Henson’s diary, Larry Sanders hope and depressing Herb Kohl quotes

The season starts tonight! Oh, boy! Are we all really excited? We should be. What’s everyone going to do to celebrate? I’m going to watch alone in my room and maybe eat some pretzels. Celebration!


  • This season on the NBA’s All Ball Blog, they will have a rookie diary feature. Yesterday, John Henson’s first diary entry was published. It’s a fun read and it includes this phenomenal movie review.

While I haven’t had a lot of down time, I did have a chance to see a couple of great movies.  I enjoyed Sinister.  It was a solid horror movie.  On a scale of 1 – 10, I’ll give it a 9 1/2.

  • As you may have already heard, yesterday Monta Ellis and Mike Dunleavy were voted by the players to be the team captains. What do you guys think about these captains? I have no problems with either picks, because I don’t think who the captains are really matters. But maybe it does! And if it does, I’d have preferred that one of the captains be decent at defense.
  • A blog called Hood Metrics (don’t question my sources) posted a neat visual representation of the age of every NBA team’s roster. The Bucks are, like most things, in the middle of the pack. The team is classified as “young”, though, so that’s nice.
  • On Wednesday, Beckley Mason of HoopSpeak Live posted a cool feature that matches some current players with their prototype from the past.Luc Richard Mbah a Mouteis Michael Cooper’s prototype. I’m too young to know what that means, but here’s Mason’s take:

What makes him today’s prototype is his ability to guard multiple positions within a single possession. The proliferation of offenses centered around multiple pick-and-rolls makes for possession after possession in which the defense is forced into a switch with a few seconds left on the shot clock. This is where Mbah a Moute shines, because he can blanket a point guard in an iso with his length or body up against a big wing. It’s nearly impossible for an offense to gain the advantage of a mismatch when the Bucks wing is involved.

  • On Tuesday, Zach Lowe of Grantland became the smartest man alive when he predicted big things from Larry Sanders (it’s a little down the page). I, of course, fully agree with this predicition and believe that Sanders is going to be really good this year. Pace!

If Sanders can find minutes and some control in his game, he has a chance to be an important rotation piece on a good team — a difference-making defender. And even if he doesn’t, he’ll be entertaining along the way.

  • Also on Tuesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted their Milwaukee Bucks season preview that included some interesting quotes from Herb Kohl. In regards to the team’s goal for the season, Kohl offers this depressing reality. Let’s maybe win!

You can be a very good, competitive team that wins, gets to the playoffs, competes in the playoffs, maybe wins in the playoffs. And that’s our goal. The fans deserve it.

  • And finally, SBNation on Tuesday posted a 2012-13 NBA mascot preview. Bango of course did well, receiving a score of 9 out of (I presume) 10. Not any analysis for this decision, but they do post the video of Bango’s dunk off a ladder. So that’s fun.


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