I haven’t been this excited about the Milwaukee Bucks in awhile and it’s fun. The team looks good. The division looks weak. Brandon Jennings looks like an all-star. Mike Dunleavy looks like the greatest player of all-time. Larry Sanders discovered pace. Drew Gooden hasn’t played a minute all year. And most importantly, the team looks like they have solid chemistry. Could everything be coming into place? Is this team, like, good? Whatever the case, I’m planning to enjoy this high until the team inevitably losses to New Orleans on Saturday.

Here’s your recap of the past week.


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  • Last night, Steve von Horn and Frank Madden of Brew Hoop released a podcast discussing the Eastern Conference playoff picture and where the Bucks fit in. Surprisingly, they don’t believe that the Bucks will remain the 2-seed.
Courtesy of Alex Boeder at Bucks.com
  • In somewhat Bucks related news, yesterday the Washington Wizards signed former Buck Shaun Livingston. If anyone can help the Wizards rise to mediocrity, it’s probably not Shaun Livingston. But good luck!
  • Gene Mueller of 620 WTMJ wrote an article about why a new arena isn’t only important for the Bucks, but for the city in general. He makes the case that the push for a new arena should be centered on everything but the Bucks. Yikes. I mean, sure, I get that there are people in this city that have a deep-seeded disinterest for the team, and the NBA in general. But the Bucks are the main tenant and any discussion about a new arena that doesn’t also discuss the Bucks is pretty fruitless.
  • In more arena discussion, James Causey of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel believes that a new arena should be paid for by imposing a fast-food tax. Woah-boy. That’s an idea, I guess. But the whole, tax low-income people that eat at fast-food restaurants to pay for an arena that low-income people can’t afford to attend probably won’t go over too well. Also, fair warning, don’t read the comments on this article unless you want to become violently angry.