Come at the King, best not miss. Milwaukee Bucks at Miami Heat Preview

Instead of a preview today, here are a bunch of pictures of the Milwaukee Bucks being terrible at defense.

Kemba Walker ran a pick and roll with Brendan Haywood. What I enjoy most about this one is that Brandon Jennings and Samuel Dalembert have opted to guard neither Walker or Haywood and just sit where the PNR occurred. Usually guys mess up PNR defense by doubling too hard on the ballhandler or the screener, but dismissing both guys is an interesting strategy. I’d like to see how this strategy plays out the rest of the season.

 Here’s Jason Richardson shooting the most wide-open three ever. He’s almost too open. The guy who is supposed to be guarding him is Tobias Harris. Harris is the topmost guy in the picture running as hard as he can toward Richardson. This is actually a huge, consistent problem for Harris. He leaves guys so wide-open that Synergy often doesn’t credit him with playing defense.

What is Harris doing that far away from his man? I’m glad you asked. He got drawn into the post by some fancy Spencer Hawes post moves. There were only four other Bucks in the paint, so Harris clearly needed to provide help there.

The number two issue – the first issue is that Mike Dunleavy is amazing – for why Harris doesn’t average 30 minutes a game is that he’s off his man too much while on defense. He seems to be drawn to the ball more than to his defensive assignment.

Pop quiz: which guy is about to hit the game-tying three?


The Bucks are actually ranked near the middle of the pack in defensive efficiency, but they have had awful defensive efforts in their last two games against the Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

Let’s go with the obvious choice. Lebron James career splits against the Bucks are 29-7-7. That is insane, but for Lebron, that’s average. In addition James is shooting threes better than he ever has (43 3P%), rebounding better than he ever has (15 total rebounding rate), and taking care of the ball better than ever (7.06 turnover rate). He has had two 50+ point games against the Bucks. He is unfair.

Matchup of the Game

Larry Sanders vs. Chris Bosh

Sanders was in Miami last night for his birthday. I could care less what he did because I think people should be allowed to enjoy their birthdays in any way they see fit. But I was out a little late last night too and I feel rather terrible. It wasn’t even my birthday.

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

Interesting note: the Bucks late-game defense started getting shellacked by the Charlotte Bobcats after Udoh fouled out.


Bucks become first team to ever win by scoring less points 103-97

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  1. Miami Heat…I have to watch, but my least favorite games of the year. Not because of the obvious talent on the Miami team, but because I live in Florida so they make me watch the Heat broadcast and their announcers are the WORST HOMERS in the NBA!

    There is always the hope of Bucks pulling out another upset, so I will muster up all the hope a fan can muster and if it gets too bad I can always hit the mute button on the remote.

    Go Bucks!