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This is a pretty easy preview. The Milwaukee Bucks should do the things they sucked at on Saturday better. Boom. I’ve saved you guys a few minutes of reading the next few paragraphs.

The two things the Bulls won overwhelmingly on Saturday: free throws and rebounding. They will not win either of these battles tonight. But they can limit the Bulls effectiveness on both fronts so that their superior shooting and ability to cause turnovers will win them the day.

There are two things keeping the Bucks from ever winning a free throw battle. First, Brandon Jennings distaste for taking contact has infected the entire roster. The second thing is that Larry Sanders is an important part of this team. They can stop fouling Rip Hamilton. Hamilton took ten free throws on against the Bucks which were as many free throw attempts the Bucks attempted. Hamilton is old and not very good anymore except he was open every other possession because Monta Ellis never had any idea where Hamilton was. If someone could just stand near Hamilton – playing defense is optional – just stand near him, that’d be great.

The rebounding issue is addressed simply by Samuel Dalembert starting again. The Bucks overall rebounding numbers aren’t impressive because when Dalembert is on the court, the Bucks eschew offensive rebounds. Below are the top two lineups Dalembert has played the most minutes in with statistics detailing the percentage of rebounds each lineup grabs.

Dalembert.Samuel – Dunleavy.Mike – Ellis.Monta – Ilyasova.Ersan – Jennings.Brandon




Dalembert.Samuel – Ellis.Monta – Harris.Tobias – Ilyasova.Ersan – Jennings.Brandon




The overall rebounding percentage isn’t very good, but the key against the Bulls is defensive rebounding percentage. That’s where Dalembert shines because any lineup with him in it grabs at least 3/4ths of all defensive rebounds. The Bucks only grabbed 60 percent of all defensive rebounds on Saturday – that was what decided the game.

Looking at the overall numbers, I would recommend that the Bucks forego all, but the easiest offensive rebounding opportunities. Here is the Bucks best defensive rebounding lineup.

Dunleavy.Mike – Ellis.Monta – Jennings.Brandon – Sanders.Larry – Udoh.Ekpe




The cause-effect relationship between disregarding offensive rebounding to get more defensive rebounds isn’t thin. But I believe that the Bucks big men are in better position to grab defensive rebounds if their big men are set on defense.

Happy Ian/Sad Ian

On one hand, I like that the team is losing because now we can all have a discussion about what this team actually is as opposed to a discussion based on smoke and mirrors. On the other hand, the Bucks are losing.

Not #Flexing                  

Henson grabs 18 rebounds one night, then gets a minute of play the next. I don’t really care what Henson’s minutes are, just keep them consistent. Normally I’m against discipline in all its forms, but young men need routine. I say that as a young man who has no routine and is a complete troglodyte.

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

Udoh grabbed 8 rebounds in 19 minutes against the Bulls. He had an overall rebounding rate of 21.5 which was second that night only to Carlos Boozer.

One more thing, on Twitter, I’ve started calling Udoh my brolo (Bros Only Live Once or a bro/cholo combination). Yes, I watch The League.

Prediction: Chicago is overrated as a team, city, and band.