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Let’s photoshop the Brandon Jennings shrug

| November 6, 2012

Category: Photoshop Contest


Man, voting lines are long today. I mean, Brandon Jennings had to get in his uniform before he hit the polls, because he could be in line through Wednesday at this pace! No time to get home and change before tip-off!

Oh that delightful shrug from Brandon Jennings at the free throw line Saturday. It’s quickly become my favorite Jennings picture in quite some time.

So let’s see if we can do some fun stuff with it.

Send your Brandon Jennings Photoshop to Jeremy@Bucksketball.com or Tweet it to me at @Bucksketball.

Winner gets a Brandon Jennings bobblehead. Seriously. Photoshops due when the ball tips off for Bucks-Grizzlies on Wednesday.

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  1. Bizzucks says:

    Did anyone catch Jennings on Rome just now? I missed it by 5 damn minutes. Stupid work! Pay my bills will yah!

  2. Justin says:

    wonder who’s gonna take the bulk of minutes at backup PG with the Beno injury.. are they going to use Monta at point, or Lamb, or are they going to let Dunleavy run some sets?

  3. ThisIsntUnicef says:

    If Mbah a Moute isn’t on the active roster, does that allow them to bring somebody in? (Delonte West)

  4. Joe from Chicago says:

    Anytime before tip off? I have seven whole minutes!!! woop woop! Expect it on your twitter!