Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Powerpuff Girls. BOOM. Roasted

Top: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. Bottom: Rajon Rondo, Brandon Bass, Jason Terry. But no, seriously, Pierce has a lovely family.

Finally! The Milwaukee Bucks are allowed to play basketball. The season only started about eight weeks ago, but I must thank the rest of the NBA for allowing the Bucks to join them.

I guess the Boston Celtics are supposed to be universally hated because they’re overly-emotional and a bunch of cheaters, but I like them. A youth heavily influenced by professional wrestling has taught me that lying, cheating, and stealing goes hand-in-hand with charisma and intriguing characters. Rajon Rondo may clothesline someone, but I bet if you gave him a mic, he’d have an unbelievably charming explanation for the incident.

Last season, in the Boston Celtics and Bucks first game, Chris Wilcox had thirteen rebounds. If Wilcox gets thirteen rebounds again, that will be amazing because he’s not even on the Celtics anymore. But if this year’s Wilcox-equivalent, Darko Milicic, gets thirteen rebounds then the Bucks should probably just quit.

This Celtics frontcourt is weak past Kevin Garnett. The Celtics have traded in a bigger frontcourt in exchange for extra versatility. The Bucks have done the opposite – choosing to stock up on big men as many contenders go small. This game is an early test to see if the Bucks attempt to stick with basketball traditionalism is wise or stubborn.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

The threat most point guards pose ends once they get to the rim and realize there’s no way to get a shot up. Rondo is unique in that that’s when the trouble is just beginning since Rondo is one of the deftest passers when surrounded in the paint.

Rondo averages 11 assists a game versus the Bucks. To knock that number down tonight isn’t just a matter of Jennings stopping him or the big men rotating to block Rondo – it’s going to be everyone working together to clog Rondo’s passing lanes.

Matchup of the Game


Samuel Dalembert vs. Kevin Garnett
Before last year’s All-Star break, Garnett was averaging a 14 points and 8 rebounds a game. Post All-Star break, he averaged close to a 17 and 9. Coincidentally, the Celtics went from mediocre to contender. Garnett’s automatic 18 foot jumper should bring Dalembert outside which will open the rim for Rondo and Pierce. The strength of Milwaukee’s young interior defenders will be tested early.



Marquis Daniels tweets this every morning. This will now be my standard salutation.

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

The Udoh-led Bucks defense is currently first in the NBA in points allowed. Also, Udoh has great choice in pants.


I’m starting to get better after suffering from the flu all week, so I’m feeling optimistic

Bucks 103 – Celtics 97

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  1. Celtics 109, Bucks 93. I think it will be a rough first game, and that Bucks’ Forest O’ Fans will be a bit down on them (including myself), but they will promptly turn it around after a game or two. Mark it!