Unexpected Big Games. Milwaukee Bucks at Charlotte Bobcats

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Kemba Walker has nearly tripled his amount of attempts at the rim. Last year, he averaged less than three – this year, he has been averaging seven attempts at the rim per game. To put that in perspective, Derrick Rose averaged only six attempts per game in his MVP season.

Walker isn’t just doing it more, but he’s doing it better. He’s hitting his at-rim attempts at a higher rate: 54.5 FG% this season compared to a 49.4 FG% last season. Walker’s new aggression at the rim has led to more free throw attempts as well. He’s averaging 5.4 free throw attempts this year – more than doubling his free throw attempt average last season. Brandon Jennings only takes three free throw attempts per game.

Walker’s attempts at the rim are backed up by Ramon Sessions taking 6.3 attempts at the rim every game and Michael Kidd Gilchrist taking 5.3 attempts. The Bobcats backcourt attacks the rim furiously while Byron Mullens spots up for 5.4 three point attempts per game. This could cause problems with the Milwaukee Bucks defense if Larry Sanders had to go outside to guard Mullens, but Mullens is only shooting 30% from three point range.

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Matchup of the Game

Mike Dunleavy vs Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Usually this space is reserved for Tobias Harris vs [insert opposing team’s starting small forward], but Dunleavy is murdering fools with cold-blooded efficiency. Dunleavy is an interesting match-up for Kidd Gilchrist since Dunleavy is the rare small forward that sets up most of his damage without the ball.

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

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Number of All-Star Votes he probably has: 9,289,056

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Bucks win: 101-87

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