Watch Out Youngbloods, Uncle Drew Comin’. Cleveland Cavaliers at Milwaukee Bucks Preview

Thing these kids don’t get is that this game is about buckets.

There should be a considerable amount of confidence going into the home opener. The Cleveland Cavaliers were on the receiving end of a blowout as the Milwaukee Bucks steamrolled the Boston Celtics. The Cavs were down 60 – 35 at half before the Chicago Bulls let up on the way to a 115 – 86 victory. As the Bucks dominated in every facet of the game, the Cavs struggled.

The Cavs started the season with a much better result – a 94 – 84 victory over the Washington Wizards. The main difference between those games is Anderson Varejao’s rebound totals – 23 against the Wizards, five against the Bulls.

The best explanation for the difference is that the Wizards are riddled with injures and the Bulls frontcourt is perpetually overpowering on the boards. Regardless, Varejao is one of the most talented rebounders in the league. And his rebound total should be something to watch to help gauge how seriously the Bucks 46 rebound performance against the Celtics should be taken.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

Uncle Drew obviously

I really enjoy the Uncle Drew commercials. In the 90s, sneaker commercials crafted personalities and charisma (think Grandmama or Lil’ Penny).At the turn of the millenium, commercials created icons. Lebron James’s “Witness” campaign is the best example of creating an icon instead of a personality. Personally, I prefer a world where basketball players have fun with their images instead of crafting themselves as demigods.


From the Bucks Instagram

Ekpe Udoh All-Star Watch

Udoh single-handedly held the Celtics scoreless for six minutes in the second quarter.

Handing out straight cash on Halloween puts Udoh at the top of the list for must-visits during trick-or-treating next year. This also begs the question whether Udoh is a member of Cash Money Records or not. He probably is – they have a billion artists signed. Anyway, this was all a major reach for me to post Danger by Mystikal.


The Cavs are in DANGER!

Bucks stay undefeated 103 – 89

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  1. I wouldn’t surprise me either way if the Bucks won big or lost big to the Cavaliers. Of course, we’re the better team but you never know with the Bucks.

  2. Enjoyed your post, Ian.

    I had some kids trick or treat and I said I didn’t have any candy, but how about some money? Money’s okay, isn’t it?
    The one little boy (7ish) wrinkled his nose and said “how MUCH money?”

    I assured him I had quarters in mind…not pennies…and he was down with that.

    After the big win last night, why do I also feel a sense of danger. Let’s call it cautiously optimistic!
    Go Bucks!