A Milwaukee Bucks Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas, in the Bucks locker room

Team practice had ended in mid afternoon

After showers, getting dressed, and beginning goodbyes

The doors swung open, and in entered a surprise


A man with a beard and a shiny bald head

Tossed a bag on the floor, quite lumpy and red

“Alright, open up!” the mystery man yelled

Coach Boylan acted quickly, and in his hands held


“For Brandon!” he said, and Jennings said “Yuck”

What did this man get for the Young Buck?

More tattoos for the point guard, and finishes at the rim

Brandon sat back down happy, this was good enough for him


For Monta, Nintendo games; for his fans, booze.

To take shots upon shots when he misses long twos.

For Beno and D-Lamb; PUJITS and threes,

That Bucks fans will allow whenever they please.


For Dunleavy, shampoo for his beautiful mane

And protection of his body should he explore the lane.

For Tobias, playing time, and hope that he’s ready

To shoulder a load, and keep this team steady.


For Marquis, a hair net and a consistent jumper

For Pryzbilla, free technicals, and band-aids for this thumper.

For Larry and Ekpe, thousands of Bucks fans’ cheers

“May the Tube Men protect our paint for years!”


For Ersan, his confidence, and promises of no boos

And someone to tell him to stop wearing black shoes

For Henson, Wisconsin food; tons of meat and cheese

And prayers that he won’t be whipped up by a breeze.


For Gooden, pleas to grow out his hair and look like a wookie,

For Dalembert, a supply of face-sliding cookies

For Luc Richard, strong knees and defense where we need

And a thank you for teaching our youth how to read


The gifts ran out, and hours had passed

And the bearded man spun around and walked away fast

“Wait, who are you?” the players cried out

“Why are you leaving us with such doubt?”


The bearded bald man did not turn around

For he did not want his identity to be found

He simply exited, and on the door he attached this

Merry Christmas guys, see you tomorrow at practice.


I sincerely apologize for this poem.  However, know I speak on behalf of all of Bucksketball when I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.  See ya on the 26th for the BATTLE OF THE BURROUGHS  game against Brooklyn.

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