Woooo! An undefeated week of Milwaukee Bucks basketball! Sure, the team had some problems and they weren’t exactly playing title contenders, but they won and won and won and won. And that’s a good thing. Tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers will be a huge test for the team and hopefully they handle it well. Here’s your recap of the week that was.


Bucks 108 – Bobcats 93 – Recap, Box Score, Highlights

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Yesterday, Marc Stein of ESPN rebooted the rumor that former Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley has a strong interest in purchasing the Bucks this offseason (scroll down to item number three.) Heisley’s business is based in Chicago and he feels that the Bucks are his best option to get a team close to home since the NBA won’t allow Chicago to have two teams.

Heisley is 75 years old and as of March 2012 he is worth $1.9 billion according to Forbes. In November, Stein said that Heisley is only interested in purchasing the team if Herb Kohl can secure the funding for a new arena. Heisley is not afraid to move a franchise as he moved the Grizzlies from Vancouver to Memphis in 2001.

Also yesterday, the Eyes on Basketball staff at CBS Sports handed out team grades for the first quarter of the season. The Bucks received a B.

“I don’t understand the Bucks. The Brandon Jennings-Monta Ellis pair doesn’t work (-2.7 net rating together), but when it’s just one of them in the game, the team seems to run quite well. The bench is really good at making shots, showing a lot of good depth. But how does this team remain successful moving forward when their two best players don’t work together? Also, can Scott Skiles just free John Henson already? There’s no way Drew Gooden and Samuel Dalembert are better than him.”

Alex Boeder at Bucks.com wrote a piece about not only the Bucks ability to block opponents, but also their ability to avoid having their own shots blocked. The Bucks currently lead the league in blocked shots per game with 7.6 and this is the fourth highest mark in the NBA since the 1990-91 season. And on the offensive side, only the Heat and Thunder have had their own shots blocked less. Interesting stuff.

And on Tuesday, Steve von Horn and Frank Madden of Brew Hoop released another podcast. In this episode they focus on Scott Skiles’ rotations and why Skiles doesn’t deserve the criticism that he has received. As always, it’s a fun listen.