Buck Hits: Lineups, Tube Men and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Last week I said that the Milwaukee Bucks were a frustrating and confusing team to watch. Guess what? They still are! This week included a hard fought win against the Rondo-less Celtics and blowout losses to the New Orleans Pelicans (might as well start getting used to it) and the San Antonio Spurs. The Bucks are no longer in first place and no longer above .500. But hey, at least Larry Sanders is still amazing! Here’s your recap of the past week.


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Yesterday, Rob Mahoney of SI.com wrote an article about the weird rotations of Scott Skiles. He also made a nifty graphic that shows the fluctuation of minutes played for every player on the team. It’s pretty neat.

Over at Brew Hoop, Dan Sinclair wrote a nice article that compares John Henson, Larry Sanders and Ekpe Udoh (aka the Tube Men). In the article, Sinclair looks to see where the Tube Men individually excel. This part about Henson’s offense got me all excited.

“Yet in what little time he’s been around, it doesn’t feel crazy to suggest John Henson is the best of the three when Milwaukee has the ball. The ever-mysterious concept of “basketball IQ” gets a shining, concrete example in the form of Henson’s positioning, where he’s already shown himself adept at finding soft spots in the defense for open jumpers or uncontested slides to the rim. He’s not turning the ball over, he’s making 75% of his tip-in attempts, and he’s shooting over 50% on all shots within 15 feet. And nothing is prettier than that legendary lefty hook that remains largely unblockable. The future looks bright with this one.”

More from Brew Hoop! On Monday, Steve von Horn released volume II of what I imagine is an infinite volume series about the Bucks lineups. If you’ve watched any Bucks games this year, it will be unsurprising to see that the team’s most effective lineups all revolve around Beno Udrih. This will be a long couple of weeks without him.

At Bucks.com, Alex Boeder gave us a ton of charts that show how the Bucks fare in effective FG%, turnover %, rebound % and free throw ratio. (Side note, I truly love that Boeder is able to write articles like this for the Bucks main homepage and that they are being seen by the most casual fans. Statistics are fun!)  The Bucks excel at turnover percentage but have an abysmal free throw ratio. THEY SHOULD TRADE FOR COREY MAGGETTE.

At Behind the Buck Pass,  K L Chouinard ended his links article with some interesting statistics from Hoopdata.

Monta Ellis has attempted one more three-pointer (60) than Mike Dunleavy (59).  Gasp.

Ersan Ilyasova has exactly half as many blocked shots (5) as Monta Ellis (10). I’d like to blame this on Ersan trying to take charges on approximately 99.44% of opponent drives to the hoop, but prepare to gasp again.

Although it’s not an official stat, the NBA’s league leader in charges drawn is … Monta Ellis!  He has drawn nine charges this season.  Dunleavy (7) and Ilyasova (6) are in the top-15 with Ellis.”

And finally, Larry Sanders received a deserved shout-out from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Wooooo! Go Larry!


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  1. That’s great to hear about Henso’s upside.. Now if there was just some way for us to use this weapon to our advantage.. Hmmm.. let me think.. Wait I got it, we should involve him in rotations that don’t make sense in order to minimize his productivity and growth curve.. Now that’s using my thinking cap

  2. “The Bucks excel at turnover percentage but have an abysmal free throw ratio. THEY SHOULD TRADE FOR COREY MAGGETTE”.

    HAHAHAHA this is really funny because it was pretty much the explanation that Hammond made for the move a few years back, and hell it seemed like a good idea to me. This is why statistics need to be taken with a grain of salt.