Hey look – A preview!

The Milwaukee Bucks are big time tonight. Milwaukee traveled to Memphis last night and will take on the Grizzlies in the second game of ESPN’s Wednesday night doubleheader. The 8:30 (CST) start time should be well worth the wait for Bucks fans who’ve been waiting to get back on a national stage for some time.

The game itself may not be as fun. Memphis blew out the Bucks in their visit to Milwaukee in early November and continue to play like one of the league’s top teams. But, like Saturday’s game against the Clippers, Wednesday is another opportunity for the Bucks to prove to themselves that they are a team worthy of a 13-10 record. The feeling you get watching this group struggle with some bad teams and really struggle against good teams is that this is an 11-12 team masquerading as a 13-10 squad. But a couple of strong efforts in a row against quality opponents could change that feeling in a hurry.

Milwaukee could start with the Grizzlies tonight and move on to the Celtics, who they’ve played well this season, on Friday.

Choose the Form of the Destroyer

To say the least, I don’t know  what this means. But I do know that Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph seem like two guys who would have no problem feasting on venison they made themselves  if things did get all apocalyptical in the next couple days. Along those same lines, they’re going to be difficult for the Bucks to stop around the basket and in the mid-range area Wednesday night.


Dunleavy’s return was certainly a boon for the Bucks, even if it comes at the expense of Marquis Daniels’ minutes.  Speaking of Daniels, he has now made nine of his last 18 3-point attempts. He’s shooting 40% from threes, which really indicates he’s only taking threes when he’s wide open and he’s taking them with a bit of confidence. Good on ‘Quis.

Here’s something ridiculous

You’ll have to go to the next video to get to the Dalembert Cookie challenge, but it’s worth your effort.


Doron Lamb makes three shots.