John Henson’s sketch of the Bucks logo looks like a horror movie character

Maybe my favorite rookie project of all time.

Panini America, a licensed manufacturer of NBA trading cards, asked rookies to do some sketches late last summer. Most of the sketches are either of the colleges players attended or mascots of the new teams they would be joining.

Fortunately for Milwaukee Bucks fans, John Henson was among the prospects who participated. Above is Henson’s rendering of the Milwaukee Bucks logo. I give him credit for the attention to detail in the antlers. It’s actually a really impressive drawing from where I sit. I can hardly legibly write the word Bucks, let alone draw the logo myself. Kudos to Henson for his artistic ability – you can clearly recognize it’s a figure of some sort.

The deer face itself, I can’t stop staring at. It’s mesmerizing and a little bit terrifying. It took me about two seconds to place where I’d seen it before.

Peep the fella in the middle. Throw some antlers on his head and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t the inspiration for Henson’s version of Bango.

(H/T to Nick Monroe)

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