1. Hahaha yea this made me laugh. Delusional would be a good description. I like how he talks in 3rd person.He’s no DWade, but he’s playing pretty well now and it would be a fantastic time to trade him…. but I doubt that will happen

  2. Jeremy, what is your take?

    As for me, I like it. He does have it all, except an outside shot, which he has done less of lately (everyone’s best angle is straight on!). And if someone would force him left…

    He leads by example and hustle. We are lucky to have our leader be the size to get all over the court.

    It must take unwavering positive thinking to fly all over and not hurt oneself. He has the springy legs to do whatever his imagination sees. He’s unique.

    I didn’t like him at first because he would repeatedly shoot us out of games. And he could do that again. But he seems to have earned certainly my respect, and privilege of being team leader (can’t believe I think that of a “kid”), due to sheer hustle, something that Jenning had impressed me with last year I recall. (Again, Skiles is the common denominator.)

    It’s a great league with athletes who are in a sport that requires more than baseball, football, hockey etc. I just saw LIN steal a ball and immediately throw it the length of the court to Delfino, who I miss very much.

  3. Obviously,he’s not as good as Wade, but I’ll cut him some slack (he’s a Buck). He’s been given a bad rap, unfairly, maybe because he isn’t the most charismatic, or polished speaking type dude. He IS a GREAT offensive player. I can’t knock him for being confident.