From the post game media session after Milwaukee’s win over the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, December 18. Brandon Jennings’ line for the night: 34 points on 13-22 FG. Monta Ellis’ line for the night: 19 points on 8-23 FG.

Me: With Monta and Brandon – obviously those two are taking so many of your shots  on a night to night basis – obviously Jennings was good tonight while Monta had a lower percentage, is there anything you can do besides hope they make the open shots that they’re getting as far as getting them going or whatever?

Scott Skiles: You got a suggestion?

Me: Ah, um. Haha. Ah .. *nervous laughter*

Scot Skiles: No.


The next day. Milwaukee played the Memphis Grizzlies.

Brandon Jennings: 26 points on 9-26 FG.

Monta Ellis: 4 points on 1-14 FG.

Grizzlies 90 – Bucks 80. Nothing could be done. If those guys don’t make shots, the Bucks aren’t going to win. After their respective efforts Wednesday night, both Jennings and Ellis are now shooting less than 40% on the season.