The Bucks are not on TV tonight or Sunday because they are the NBA’s least televised team

Tonight’s Milwaukee Bucks vs. Charlotte Bobcats game will not be televised. Neither will Sunday’s game, which is the Bucks first ever game in Brooklyn.

In total, the Bucks have 10 non-televised games this year, most in the league by far.

“What is more important than Bucks basketball?” you may ask.  Well, tonight, college hockey is more important as FS-Wisconsin will be airing the Michigan Tech vs. Wisconsin game. On Sunday, Due North Outdoors and the World Poker Tour are more important.


This whole only 72 televised games thing has been going on for a number of years now. It appears the Bucks and FS-Wisconsin can’t sell enough advertising to make televising every Bucks game a wise economic endeavor for both parties. That’s a bummer.

At least we still have Ted Davis.

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  1. Considering that I’m the only Buck’s fan in the tri-county area (outagamie, brown, winnebago) it makes sense.

    Semi-unrelated, did you ever notice how people will wear Packers gear to Buck’s games? Totally not cool! What? Did you win tickets to the game? Just don’t have any Bucks stuff but you wanted to show that you do in fact “enjoy sporting related events” so you wear another teams crap? I spit in your general direction!

    • I feel you Im from Appleton and I agree it’s really sad that I have to basically fight someone just to get the Bucks game on TV at a bar

      • I am also in Appleton and you’re right. Most people would rather see a division III rugby game from sri lanka than catch a bucks game. Winning cures all.

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  3. I was pleasantly surprised that both games were on League Pass, even if I did have to listen to other team’s announcers. Direct TV didn’t show games on the schedule, but they were televised. Bravo Direct TV. After both games ending up in the W column, I would have been unhappy about them not being on TV.

    Go Bucks!