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We have a forum now

| December 26, 2012

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We’re now high technology.

The Bucksketball Forum

Here’s a thing I wrote in there:

We have a forum now.

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I did get an e-mail from a guy one time that told me we should have a forum for Bucksketball. So here’s that.

My goal is to have another place for conversation. To have another place where it’ll be easier for the people who really make this site hum, you guys, to engage and discuss things like games or trades in a more real time fashion. In time, I’d like to be able to integrate comments on posts and comments in the forums, but for now, I’m not really sure how to do anything along those lines.

Also, if I may be candid for a moment, a lot of people e-mail me and ask if they can write for the site. If ever there was a good way to get noticed for being a really smart, eloquent fan, it’s in a forum. Historically, forums have gotten a sometimes accurate and sometimes inaccurate reputation as spiteful places where cliques develop and reasonable conversation goes to die. I don’t want that to happen. I want this to be a place where a whole bunch of people write really compelling things about the Bucks in little spurts. I’m not saying I’m going to come through here pulling people out to write for the site, but if ever you wanted to show that you have a good handle on both the English language and the Bucks, I’m hoping this forum would be a good place to display that.

Think of this thing as in Beta right now. There will be changes being made on a frequent basis I hope and if it gets off the rails, I hold it within my right to terminate this experiment. Let’s all remember and constantly keep in mind that we’re here together to talk about a thing we all enjoy on one level or another.

Be good to each other.

Have some comments? Head on over and leave one.

In due time, we’re going to figure out a way to combine our commenting system and our forum system, but we’re not there yet. We’ll also pretty the place up, because as site designer extraordinaire Brian Matzat said, “I launched it when it was ugly.”

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Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball. He founded it in January of 2009 because he hated his job. It’s like basketball, but with Bucks instead of basket. I know ... I’m sorry. He might come off as a bit negative, but I'm really not so bad. He just wants the Bucks to succeed, so he points out areas where they are coming up short. Someone has got to do it and he's ornery and opinionated enough to take on that task. He isn't sure if this should be in third person or not. Contact him at Jeremy@Bucksketball.com if you must use e-mail.

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  1. Patti says:

    Good Luck with new forum. It is really nice and you have good opening topics.

  2. Sillybilly says:


    Nice! Could you also add “make site Iphone compatible” to your to do list