Aldridge: Skiles unlikely to return to Bucks next season

Sources say Skiles will not return to the Bucks next season. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

Per’s David Aldridge, it seems unlikely that Scott Skiles will return to the Milwaukee Bucks as coach next season, regardless of how this one plays out.

Multiple league sources say that Skiles, who is in the final year of the five-year contract he signed in 2008, has informed the Bucks that he does not want a contract extension, and is resigned to the fact that he will be elsewhere next season.

There are a lot of interesting quotes from John Hammond Aldridge’s write-up of the Bucks. Some of them are about how the Bucks would love to have Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis back next year. Also of note, sources told Aldridge that Skiles is wary of the team’s overall plan going forward.

But Skiles, according to sources, has wondered about the team’s overall plan going forward,¬†and whether it would be willing to either completely rebuild the roster through high Draft picks like Jennings, or make a trade for a dynamic, superstar-caliber player that the existing core could complement.

If this is accurate, Skiles is the one that would rather rebuild or trade for a star and it isn’t happening?

I spent an extra few minutes removing all of the hateful sarcasm out of this, so everyone should be pretty proud of me. Now excuse me while I jump into Lake Michigan.

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  1. Skiles needs a star at the 2 or 3… which will never happen. We keep doing that “lets see if we can get lucky with an overskilled 2 or 3 in the second round” I feel for Scott, he’s a quality coach, who knows how to develop guards. Bucks should work on getting the first pick by trading Monta and other talents. Ersan with a quality defender/slasher at the 3? That’d be great. Henson with a 3 that can spread the floor? Even better. All in all I’d love to see Otto Porter come here to MK. His athleticism and general willingness to learn.. would be a compliment to skiles system of 3’s… Giving him someone who could develop into a shooter, most importantly a ball handling defender.

    • Or howbout just putting Tobias on the floor a reasonable amount and letting him develop. We drafted this guy knowing he needed playing time to mature, so how about letting him?

        • Ya you both brought up a good point, but I think Tobias would be a starter, but every team needs a deep rotation to win. I think with Otto Porters over all he will give you quality minutes off the bench. As where Tobias can be a stretch four with ersan rotating minutes, at the 3 when going length. But I think Otto Porter could turn into an amazing 4 defender when Larry isn’t needing. Plus he is showing signs of massive improvement shooting wise.

  2. You don’t want to come back because you know you were not going to be asked to come back. You want players and you don’t play them. You are given depth and you overplay a tired team. You are given tools but don’t open the tool box. You are given young players and confuse them and veteran players who are frustrated by lack of communication. You don’t see yourself here next year?. I don’t see you here next week. You make Steve Jackson look like a goodwill ambassador with that statement. Look at yourself. You lost the team . You are no longer an effective leader. Leave now so we can let the talent salvage what you have blanketed in a shroud of inconsistency and doubt. A head coach needs to have a total gameplan. Call time- out, draw up a play where you open your office door and walk out it … For good. Game over! Bucks win!!

    • i agree completely..he plays more mind games and power trips on his lineups…were 30 games in and hes still trying to figure out a regular starting surefire way to tell that skiles has quit on the team and organization is he doesnt yell anymore!just accepts failure kindof like the end of his tenure in chicago where he was fired and phoenix where he lost the team and had bob horry throw the towel in his face..bring in a coach with some heart for the organization and trade some of the log jam at power forward and maybe amnesty that bum drew gooden…i dont know the behind the scenes either but i didnt see dalembert do anything that warranted banishment to dnp coachs decision.he actually could rebound and hit a jumper! if we dont turn this around i fear the bucks will be out of town soon.

      • We dont need to turn this around we need to plummet and rebuild. Skiles did a pretty admirable job with the talent he had to work with the past 4 seasons. Im bummed he’s gone.

  3. It might be time for the avalanche that is waiting to fall on the Milwaukee Bucks to start. Skiles has not been offered an extension and now he does not want one. So what does that mean?

    Well, for one the team is starting to show the wear and tear. Two 68 point halfs in back to back games? 19 turnovers in one half? That’s never ever happened in any of Skiles prior years here. The players know big change is going to happen so they will play for themselves the rest of the way. It appears they already are.

    Must be just about time for Skiles to resign an let an assitant take over. That’s what he did in Chicago. Then in a month or two Hammond will declare he’s not coming back, either. That’s what happens when the owners chooses not to extend both his GM and Coach. It’s called “lame duck status” for a reason.

  4. If he doesn’t want to come back, why wait until the end of the season? Make Sampson your head coach and see he can do

  5. He’s done his job. He hasn’t had the luxury of the having the most stable, talented, or healthy cast of characters since he’s been a coach. If the players don’t buy in, then what.. Nobody’s accusing him of being the most likeable coach in Pro basketball, but it’s not his fault if the team shirks their defensive responsibilities or seem unable to make open shots and layups. He is a good coach, and like I’ve said before, he will make a more talented/dedicated team very happy

    • This guy is definetely a good coach. Pretty much every team he’s ever coached has over-achieved, he’s just never had very talented players. It will be sad to see him go, remember the coaching carousel that we had before he came? It will happen again.

      • hes not a good coach…in everyone one of his tenures he starts strong which is more a product of renewed enthusiasm by the players and whole organization and then titanically crashes and loses the team as if his charade is discovered.he bails when the going gets tough and in a small market its always gonna be tough.hes flatout disrespecting sen kohl just like sabotager grunfeld who trades away the face of a franchise and flip murray and a first round pick for an aged vet who said flat out he wont sign with milwaukee and a role player in mason as ernie is on his way out…dump skiles before he poisons the team anymore.

        • He has never coached a talented roster and still has had a winning record as a coach. He is a good coach by NBA standards, can you even name the bucks coaches between George Karl and Scott Skiles?

  6. I just really really wonder if management realizes that now is a perfect opportunity to get a jump-start on rebuilding. It would be an accelerated rebuild. We’ve got several valuable trade assets and a solid young-core of keepers. How could John Hammond, and more importantly Herb Kohl, not want to rebuild and try to be something more than mediocre!? I just don’t get it. Take a chance! Stockpile those draft picks! Attendance could hardly get any worse, so why not try? Now is the time!!!!

  7. so you are saying we need a new coach if you wants draft picks(stockpile)because skiles doesnt play young players…

    • a core of young players and tradeable assets = a balanced team that can compete… mix of veterans and youth …experience and enthusiam..its all there..get over the bromance with skiles..learn how to adapt to what you have and do your job..try learing an offensive gameplan to give the talent to shine thru instead of calling jumpshots for Larry and Luc…they all stand around til the clock runs down to 5 seconds and launch…great coaching…yeah

  8. Herb Kohl does not seem to be willing to rebuild right now. I think that in his mind the best approach to keeping the Bucks in Milwaukee long term is to try and be a respectable playoff team right now and convert the casual Bucks fan into everyday Bucks fans…So I guess with that mentality they might as well shuffle the deck and see what they can do with a new coach and new system with this current roster.

    • We are probably going to get into the playoffs this year and yet wisconsinites could care less about the Bucks as evidenced by ticket sales. Herb Kohl has to realize that selling tickets and generating fan interest requires more than eeking into the playoffs. Its going to require players that give this team legitimate hope and fans a reason to be excited. The Cavs suck this year but Im pretty sure their fans are pretty damn happy they have Kyrie Irving and hopeful for the future.

  9. I think this is something that probably won’t positively affect the team very well if this is true. I hate to say it, but if he wants out (we pretty much knew this last year too) just let him go and have Jim & Sidney finish the season with the guys. I’ve already read numerous times in the last 2 years that players respect Sidney, Joe, and Jim more than Scott anyways.

    oh god he even looks like him!!!

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  11. First off, we have 5 guys being paid nearly 7 million plus this year:
    Beno Udrih
    Monta Ellis
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Drew Gooden
    Samuel Dalembert

    I mean why pick up Dalembert and sit him all year??? Dude is shooting 60% and Larry Sanders to back him is a great threat. Then you have Ilyasova, Gooden, Udoh, and Henson at the 4. Mbah a Moute, Dunleavy, and Daniels at the 3. We have 3 PG in Ellis, Jennings, and Udrih and a bench guy in Lamb. The players aren’t being used properly and a trade needs to be made as well. A true shooting guard is needed to be effective. Jennings and Ellis are great on a team together, but don’t need to spend much time on the court at the same time. Trade anyone for a nice SG like Kevin Martin from OKC.

    How about this line-up:
    Kevin Martin
    Mbah a Moute
    Larry Sanders


    Mbah a Moute

    Share some of Udoh’s minutes with Gooden. You can bring Beno off the bench at the 1 or the 2. At 3,4, and 5 we have depth everywhere. Find some chemistry!!! And bring in Tobias Harris earlier than the final seconds of the game. The kid has a nice game and is shooting 49% on the year. I can’t watch Jellis chuck up tons of shots and hit on a majority of them once a week.

    And grab another SG why you’re at it. If you can keep Ellis and pull this off, then do it. John Hammond: Make a move, what is there to lose. You have a good team that can be great. I don’t understand Skiles playing the players he has been playing. This isn’t a team that is rebuilding for 4 years from now. We are capable of taking the East but are a few moves away from that. Let’s make a deal, excite Milwaukee beyond the point of sneaking into the playoffs. GO BUCKS GO!!!

    • Not tryin to be a dick but what possible reason could you think of for the best team in the NBA to break up their roster?

      • RJ–just to touch on the Dalembert thing, I think Sammy D caught what Andrew Bogut had last year, Skiles & Andrew couldn’t get along so he didnt play him in certain times when he should’ve, kinda like Stephen Jackson too, etc. Disclaimer: not defending Jackson, he was a jerk too, but same concept, sitting someone even though they’d probably help (aka putting the best line-up on the floor regardless of feelings that gives the team the best chance to win).