At first, this introduction to Buck Hits was super pessimistic. But then I remembered that it’s 2013. Fresh starts. New beginnings. 2012 pessimism is so 2012.

So, instead of talking about sad things (like this), let’s talk about John Henson and how much we love him. Isn’t he great!? Watch him learn how to dance! So fun! The Milwaukee Bucks play the Houston Rockets tonight. Hopefully they win. Hopefully it’s fun to watch. Optimism! I’m trying!  Here’s your recap of the past week.


Bucks 104 vs. Heat 85 – Recap, Box Score, Highlights

Bucks 94 vs. Pistons 96 – Recap, Box Score, Highlights

Bucks 110 vs. Spurs 117 – Recap, Box Score, Highlights


Today, Steve Aschburner of wrote an article about how Larry Sanders’ defense adds to the Bucks’ “fear factor.” Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin Garnett, Serge Ibaka and Tyson Chandler are mentioned in the article. Aschburner makes it clear that Sanders isn’t on any of these players level, yet, but the fact that Sanders is even being mentioned in their company is impressive. There’s also this quote from Doc Rivers.

“We should probably stop shooting when he’s right there,” Rivers said. “I honestly told my son, Austin, when they played the Bucks, I said, ‘Hey Austin, be careful with Sanders, you get a step deep and he’ll get you.’ I think his first two shots were blocked, so I was thinking, ‘Nothing changes. No one listens.’”

On Wednesday, Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated also gave Larry Sanders a loving tribute. Jenkins’ article gives a little more backstory on Sanders, mentioning his youth in Port St. Lucie, FL and how he didn’t play basketball until he was 16. Sanders was more interested in art than sports. There’s also this:

“As a sophomore, Sanders transferred to Port St. Lucie High School, where the basketball coaches asked him to join the team. In his first game, he scored in the wrong basket.”

Zach Lowe at Grantland also gave attention to SANDERS! this week as he mentioned him as an honorable mention for Defensive Player and Most Improved Player of the Year. For MIPOY, Lowe had this to say.

“Opponents have shot just 51.2 percent from the restricted area when he’s on the floor and nearly 59 percent when he sits. Some perspective: Indiana has held opponents to a league-low 53.3 percent shooting from inside the block/charge circle. And while he still fouls more than almost any heavy-minutes rotation player, he’s cut the hacking enough to log 25 to 30 minutes a night if need be.”

Enough about Sanders. He’s perfect. We get it. On Monday, Frank Madden at Brew Hoop looked into why Monta Ellis’ best games usually come in losses for the Bucks, who are 1-4 when Ellis scores 30+ points. Madden believes that it’s not all Ellis’ fault, and that Brandon Jennings’ inconsistencies should burden a lot of the blame. Here’s a fun stat:

“In the five games in which Ellis has scored 30+ this season, Jennings has been almost impossibly bad: 23.0% shooting (17/74), 9.2 ppg, and 5 apg.”

On Wednesday, Ersan Ilyasova talked with NBA Turkey about his early disappointments. He had this to say about John Hammond’s offseason acquisitions.

“I go through same thing each year; they signed too many players for the same position again this year. As a result coach tried everyone in the rotation. Now I started to get more time and I’m playing better.”

Before the Spurs game on Wednesday, everyone’s favorite human being/rapper Stephen Jackson had some things to say about his time with the Bucks.

“I just wanted to be around a positive organization that’s used to winning and plays the game the right way,” Jackson says now. “Milwaukee, they’re not used to winning. I just wasn’t going to go for it at the end of my career.”

And finally, after the Bucks’ impressive victory over the Heat, Ray Allen talked about his time in Milwaukee and how being traded to Seattle affected his career. Reading this article is like picking at a sadness-scab. We all loved Ray. He loved us back. Here’s a video. Clear eyes, full hearts, yada yada yada.