Buck Hits: Trade rumors, LARRY SANDERS! and John Hammond’s extension

Last week during Buck Hits I suspected that the Milwaukee Bucks would be buyers at the February 21 trade deadline since it seems impossible that they won’t make the playoffs. This week, most of the links are about the Bucks acquiring talent (being buyers) at the deadline. Am I a prophet? Am I John Hammond? Is John Hammond a prophet? Am I just rambling to fill space because I can’t think of anything to write about? Yes. Yes I am. Here’s your recap for the week that was.


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On Wednesday, Brett Koremenos of Grantland included the Bucks in his “completely insane” five-team, 15-player trade proposal. The trade involves the Bucks sending out Samuel Dalembert and John Henson for Marcin Gortat from the Phoenix Suns and Darius Morris from the LA Lakers. I give that trade a giant NO THANK YOU SIR. No one shall touch Mr. Henson. I hope.

Last Friday, Chad Ford of ESPN.com listed Brandon Jennings as number seven on his list of impact players most likely to be dealt at the trade deadline. Ford says that the Bucks, “have been among the most active teams in the league when it comes to trade calls” and that, “it doesn’t look like anyone on their roster is safe.” Steve von Horn of Brew Hoop responded to Ford’s speculation with a great article on the possibility of dealing Jennings.

Frank Madden and Steve von Horn of Brew Hoop released a podcast today where they discuss John Hammond’s three year extension. As always, it’s a good listen.

On Tuesday, David Thorpe and Kevin Pelton of ESPN Insider made a list of the top 25 NBA players under the age of 25. The Bucks have two players on the list, with Jennings listed at 20 and LARRY SANDERS! at 22. For Sanders, Thorpe has this to say:

“The list of premier shot-blockers is small. Sanders is on that list, and he adds an ability to make offensive plays in the pick-and-roll game. He has become an outstanding paint finisher and a big man who is growing more adept at earning buckets inside despite his thin frame. Beyond his shot-blocking prowess, Sanders is hard to score on with a simple post up, allowing his team the option of not doubling the post entry pass — a huge benefit”

Then yesterday, Thorpe followed up the 25 under 25 list with superlatives for certain players. SANDERS! was named the best shot blocker in the group, which is a huge honor since other players on the list include Serge Ibaka, Anthony Davis, and DeAndre Jordan. I’ve always loved Larry and believed in him, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the monumental leap he’s taken so far this season.

And finally, on Wednesday Forbes released their list of the most valuable teams in the NBA. The Bucks are the least valuable team in the league with an estimated value of $312 million. The most valuable team in the league is the New York Knicks at $1.1 billion. The Bucks are 3.5 games behind the Knicks in the Eastern Conference standings.

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  1. You ever notice in most teams trade proposals no one really cares if the talent coming in helps the Bucks.. I would love to have Gortat, but not at the expense of Henso.. beware of who is drafting the scenario.. whomever they are a fan of is usually the beneficiary of the most potential

  2. That trade offer is ridiculous, and not just because we’d be trading away Henson. I don’t think that writer watches the Bucks at all.

  3. Read an interesting article on NBAtradeaday.com…says to trade Amar’e to Bucks for Dalembert, Udrih and Gooden…we should make this move to get out of being a perenial 7th or 8th seed that can’t contend..Amare’s trade value is at an all time low and I think we can get him if Hammond is willing to take on his contract..interesting article nonetheless

  4. The thing that worries me most about reading this is that Milwaukee is the least valued team in the league even behind Sacramento. I am always worried that this team that I love will move away and every time I go to a game I wonder how many more I will get to see before the BC goes dark for good. Hope someday that the bucks get a new arena or that they can renovate the BC and add a club level and maybe sky boxes. Does anybody know what is going on with the possibility of a new arena? Hope that it gets done before we get screwed like Seattle.