John Henson: An enthusiastic, shoulder bumping teammate

Well this is just too fun.

I’ve noticed John Henson’s been an awfully enthusiastic bench supporter whenever he hasn’t been on the court this season. A big three and he gets up and has a little dance. A dunk by a fellow big, he gets up and has a little dance. Whenever something happens, look to John Henson – he has the enthusiasm you’re looking to muster.

Here’s a perfect example.

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  1. I love that Henson gets up and cheers on the team. That kind of thing gets the crowd into the game. I always look for Henson’s reaction after a big play.

    A little off the subject but, it was great to see the Milwaukee fans get into that Golden State game last night. Everyone was on their feet cheering and everyone stayed to watch the Bucks claim that victory. Now that is the Milwaukee we all know and love!

    Go Bucks Fans!

  2. Henson: C’mon Larry! Don’t leave me hangin’ like that!

    That almost reminds me of Bogut clapping hands by himself lol

  3. Last night Pistons game I noticed when Henson dunked and then came off the court his team was all in line to “shoulder bump” with him. They were all grinning and Sanders was especially enthusiastic. It was really great and it made me want to get up off the couch and shoulder bump too!