Which photo of Scott Skiles is the best photo of Scott Skiles?

One of the most difficult steps in writing about Scott Skiles is choosing which angry photo of him to use with the article. With Skiles and the Milwaukee Bucks recently thrust into the national spotlight, a lot of websites had to make the difficult decision of choosing which Skiles photo to use. I’m here to decide which website chose best.


Shock. Disbelief. A slight smirk? This is a solid photo. It shows that he has two functioning arms. Starting off strong, ESPN!

Sports Illustrated

It looks like he doesn’t have teeth. I like that. I also like that his hands are on his hips to signify that he has nothing else to do with them. I also like the guy smiling in the bottom left corner. Hello, guy!


NBC, you’re drunk. Go home. Not even close.


Not great, NBA.com. But since these players are still on the team, it’s better than NBC. His head looks like a cue ball and he still doesn’t have teeth. The more I look at this picture the more I like it. He looks like a ghost. Where is his hair?! Where are his teeth?!

Brew Hoop

Interesting choice, Brew Hoop. What do we think he’s thinking about here? Rotations? Dalembert? Dinner? Do we think that his head may haveĀ  just been itchy? Will we ever know?

Behind the Buck Pass

Oh no. I made eye contact with him. Should I call someone? Am I in trouble? This picture is too spooky/scary for me.


Here it is. CBS wins. #1 network, #1 photos. This is what a Scott Skiles photo is all about. Look at the intensity! Look at the passion! His jaw is about to unhinge! Exclamation points!!!

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  1. I literally laughed out loud at you’re description of NBC’s photo. For real NBC? All I can hear now is the NBA on NBC jingle and it somehow seems comical now…

    P.S. I hope that isn’t a knock on the Bucks’ relevance with that craptastic photo.

  2. I really like the NBC one because you can guess what everyone is thinking while Skiles is trying to coach

    Brando “No matter what play he draws up I’m pulling up for Three”
    Delfino “Hope Jennings doesn’t ball hog so I can shoot a Three”
    Maggette “Listen to coach.. not thanks, hey there’s a cute girl in row Three”

    • Oh Oh Jon. You’ve got some real ‘comment’ competition from Justin. Have to go with NBC, even if the drunks did pull out this old photo.

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