Basketball player finds purpose in starting rumors, then lying about them

A basketball player confirmed today that he takes great pleasure in starting rumors, then denying them the next day.

“Growing up, I thought I wanted to play basketball for a living, but now that’s just something to pay the bills,” said the player, “what really fulfills me on a deep personal level is lying about where I want to play basketball.”

The player explained that his favorite thing to do was letting reporters go to voicemail. “I always thought I was a bad liar because my mom always caught me, but no matter what I say, these guys just take it at face value.”

“At first, I just did it for attention, but after lying about that first rumor, my confidence was so high, I took thirty shots the next game,” said the player.

Later, while signing an autograph for a child, he looked the kid right in eye, and genuinely smiled as he lied about staying with the hometown team forever.

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